What is Social Listening and How to Use it

K2 Analytics - What is Social Listening and How to Use it

Also known as “social monitoring,” social listening is a great tool for brands to identify and assess what is being said about their products, customer service, and their overall businesses from the world wide web. Effectively using social listening can help enhance your business in many ways just from gathering data from customers, marketing strategies, events, and even from competitors.

“Social listening. Set aside your world view. Hear other perspectives. Challenge our assumptions.” -Liz Strauss

What is Social Listening?

Customer engagement

What makes social listening so beneficial is the effective interaction and engagement from your clients. This also is a great way to strategize for new customers and audiences. Interact with your customers genuinely to really find out what their wants and needs are. And remember to always listen to both good and bad feedback. By implementing this you can easily get an idea of what customers expect from you and from there, you can enhance your business in specific areas if needed.

Learn about your competitors

Get an idea of how your brand or business compares to your competitors and what customers are thinking. Social listening helps you get a better understanding of your industry and where your brand stands within it. Not only can you make a few tweaks by learning about your competitors but you can also discover new audiences in your industry and current events including trends and inspiring conversations.

Find influencers and advocates

From discovering new audiences and communities, it has the possibility to also open doors to influencers and advocates. Collaborating with Social Media influencers is a great way to spread brand awareness, increase sales and traffic, and expansion to newer audience reaches.

Improve marketing strategies

From the research and date you’ve collected from social listening, you can immensely improve your brand overall business and marketing strategies. No brand is ever perfect, though we all strive to be, a satisfied customer is the best strategy of them all.