How To Do A Social Media Audit

How To Do A Social Media Audit

Having success in digital marketing means you need to have a digital presence. In order to do that then a brand needs to know how to do a social media audit. A social media audit is absolutely necessary for success in digital marketing. Every post and investment has a reason behind it! So, get the most out of a post to increase engagement and followers.

What Is A Social Media Audit?

A social media audit is a report that tracks down the overall performance of a post, advertisement, following or engagement of a brand. To create this audit then insert the information on a spreadsheet or template. A company can create this type of spreadsheet or template, some templates can be found online for free. Having this type of report off-hand will lead to a plan of what to do and what not to do with a brand’s social media profile.

Write Down All Your Social Accounts

The first step in how to do a social media audit is to track down all of your social media accounts. A company can have multiple accounts depending on its size. Once recorded then place that information on the spreadsheet or template. Remember, some brands have other social media accounts that were created a long time ago. Please keep in mind all main and sister accounts that are currently active or inactive with a brand. The best way to go about this is to do a Google search or search for the brand within each individual social media platform. Asking a fellow coworker or manager can also assist with this. Remember to make sure that every social media account is a business account. This will give the profile extra tools compared to a personal account.

Evaluate Every Social Account

Once all social media accounts are recorded then evaluate the importance of each profile. Is every profile fully active or align with the brand’s message? If not, then deactivate or delete the profile. Deactivating will still keep the profile, but not show up in search results within a platform. Deleting a profile will permanently delete every piece of content. Make sure that every profile link, bio and pinned post are up to date.

After each social account is evaluated then keep in mind each social platform audience. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all highly different from each other in terms of content. With that difference also comes a difference of audience with every social platform. Remember to respect each platform and use it optimally for every platform.

Track Down Best Posts

The third step in how to do a social media audit is to find the best posts from each platform with the best engagement. Use these posts as the first point of reference to see what the best high engagement, advertisement and performing posts look like. Identify the reasoning behind that post and try to replicate similar traits for future posts. Then, really get into the nitty-gritty details in the post. See the platform’s analytics and identify if the post reached the targeted audience. Once the details are found then record the stats in the spreadsheet or template. This will serve as a starting point for the brand.

Record Results

The last step is to start recording the stats and analytics for every post created. That way the brand can see the results for future posts created. Every post has a reason behind it, so hopefully, it reaches its goal. By recording all the details, then the spreadsheet or template created will show off the numbers over a long period of time. That way each post or advertisement is optimal for the brand. If something is not going according to plan then you will have previous data as to what is happening. This will limit the number of bad investments by tracking down bad behaviors. Remember that each post will have a specified audience!

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