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Optimize Your Gram Game

Who would have thought this world has to depend on social media for marketing? There are over 500 million daily active Instagram users today. That’s huge. Take advantage of this number and imagine how many people all over the world you have the potential to reach with effective Instagram marketing strategies! Instagram is a whole other world filled with many possibilities for connecting businesses and consumers alike. In this article get inspired by these five key elements K2 Analytics recommend to boost your marketing on the Instagram app.

1. Utilize stories

If you’re not using stories in this digital age, then what exactly are you doing on social media? Stories give you the opportunity to expand your content from different angles and perspectives, engage with your followers through surveys and comments, and create a real human connection by putting a face to your brand. You could also easily link your website to your Instagram stories by simply swiping up.

2. Give back to your followers

There are so many ways to give back to your clients to thank them, keep their loyalty, and drive in new traffic in return. From promoting giveaways and discount codes to daily inspirational quotes and tips and tricks pertaining to your brand, giving your followers the power of knowledge is also another great way to give back to them. Use your Instagram as an education platform to teach them about products and tutorials by going live. Instagram Live is a great tool to use because you get to react and engage with your followers in real-time.

3. Be consistent

Once you’ve come up with a marketing strategy on Instagram, the key is to stay consistent regarding your posts, theme, links, and even hashtags. By posting content and engaging daily, you’re keeping your online presence alive and your followers will definitely notice. Users are most likely to unfollow pages with inconsistent content and posting, so keep them interested by winning them following every day!

4. Take advantage of the new updates

Like other social media platforms, updates are constantly happening to either make or break our digital experience. While some people love certain updates and others hate them, always be aware of new features and widgets to expand your social media skills. Experiment and trial updates to help you with your benefit. Who knows, maybe it’ll boost your business’ traffic! It can be overwhelming keeping up with both big and small updates, but you’ll end up thanking yourself later.

5. Don’t be afraid to perfect

Remember, not everything you post needs to be perfect. Social media or Instagram as a whole is a place to build a community and relationships. People want to see and interact with humans, not bots. People actually rather engage with brands with a human connection because they can easily relate, easily react and easily show interest in your brand’s uniqueness.

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