5 Ways to Improve Your Presence on Twitter

K2 Analytics - Your Brand Presence on Twitter

Twitter helps build communities, support, and brand marketing.

Twitter is the perfect outlet and place for self-expression, current events, and most importantly, brand connectivity. There are numerous ways Twitter can benefit brands and companies. From marketing to research and even customer service, Twitter is the most underestimated social media platform that many brands can miss out on. If you’re still unsure about the Twitter world, here are five quick ways K2 Analytics recommend to implement into your brand’s Twitter presence.

The Power of Twitter

1. Engage with your audience

Just how engaging is important with any other social media platforms, it’s no different from Twitter. What makes engaging with audiences on Twitter so uniquely different is how you can see the world’s trends in real time. Audience engagement can easily spike thousands of retweets and sub-tweets which means it doesn’t matter who you follow and don’t follow, a retweet can reach many other communities.

2. Post genuinely

Because Twitter is all timeline and thread-based engagement, you might want to rethink your posts to be more genuine and less cliche. From pictures, video s and gifs, and hashtags ensure that your content goes hand in hand with your tweets and even sub-tweets. Don’t afraid to express your personality and share other content or stories relevant to your brand or community. Include links and stay relevant if you’re sharing current events. It’s also a great idea to retweet any positive reviews and respond to negative ones.

3. Hold giveaways or contests

Increase your following and brand awareness by bringing about exclusive offers or contests. Get people excited about your brand with incentives to drive your brand traffic. People love giveaways and they’re not at all challenging to manage either.

4. Create a brand hashtag

Whether if your company is holding an event, contest, or a new marketing launch, use hashtags to your brand’s advantage. Hashtags are great ways to see trends while gathering feedback. Plus it also encourages users to share their experience and get other people tuning in your direction as well.

5. Have a visually strong profile

When people visit your Twitter page, you want them to remember your brand or better yet, interested. Keep proper keywords in your bio, choose an appropriate related cover photo and profile picture, and stay consistent with any existing colors or themes.