Marketing Tips You Can Learn From Selfies

K2 Analytics - Marketing Tips You Can Learn From Selfies

The cell phone self-portrait, also commonly known as a “selfie,” has transformed picture-taking into a social and cultural sensation that influences businesses and marketing campaigns across the globe. It has been estimated that millennials could take over 25,000 selfies in their lifetime, while a million selfies are taken daily throughout the world.

But First, Let’s Take a Selfie!

Businesses that have embraced this social marketing phenomenon have seen great success in their efforts. Selfie marketing is on the rise and like these businesses, you too can use creative social media campaigns to create brand awareness and surging sales! In this article, we will explore several marketing tips you can learn from them and how they can help you build your business and your brand.

The Psychology of a Selfie

Humans are social animals that spend large portions of our time communicating with others. The possibilities for conversation are endless and the development of social media has made communication even more accessible to people around the world. People spend over 50% of the time talking about themselves, but even more so when communicating via social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Selfies feed an internal need for people to express themselves like never before.

Applying that to business, selfies that are used in marketing help fuel an external need: they keep your brand relevant to what’s trending. They show how people use photography to connect to your product’s visual marketing campaign so you can reach relevant audiences. These photos align your brand with society, creating a sense of accessibility that makes customers feel they are part of your brand’s success.

What We Can Learn From Selfies

Selfies are an excellent way to put your business ahead of the game if you are looking for ways to reach a younger-skewing audience and leverage the interest around your marketing! This photo phenomenon has opened up many opportunities for brands to market themselves online.

Ways to Use Selfies

• There are many ways to integrate selfies into your next campaign. You can incorporate things like using filters around your event or product and encourage people to share their selfies on their social pages. It’s a fun way to engage your audience and create buzz around your brand.
• Some companies encourage people to upload selfies along with a specific hashtag and will sometimes even post pics on the company website. When users post these selfies on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with a particular hashtag, it gives the company an increased reach across multiple social media platforms. This allows businesses to share their users’ thoughts, feelings, and selfies on social media.
• Other businesses hold contests to encourage fans and followers to take photos of themselves with particular products- sometimes for prizes, and other times just for recognition. Always consider offering discounts or rewards for users that post selfies that engage with your company’s products.

Bottom line

We at K2 Analytics, a Digital Marketing Agency in Las Vegas, wanted to emphasize the marketing benefits of selfies. These marketing tips can be clearly leveraged for a personal or business advantage. You can learn from selfies that can be cleverly leveraged. With the correct planning and a solid strategy in place, a selfie campaign can be a fantastic way to engage and connect users with your business’s brand and products.

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