How To Build An Instagram Following For Your Business

How to Build an Instagram Following for Your Business

It’s a brand new year and a brand new decade! Not only is this the perfect opportunity to take on the ultimate new year’s resolution, but it is also the perfect time to reevaluate the way that your business looks at marketing. Yes, we’re talking about social media marketing. Much like effective e-mail marketing campaigns, K2 Analytics has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging online platforms for businesses effectively. Using Instagram as a marketing tool is no different. Keep in mind a few things: paid content is king, quality content is always going to reign supreme, and video content is always going to be best. With that in mind, here are a few ways that you can build an Instagram following for your business in 2020.

While Instagram isn’t very vocal about how their algorithm is changing, there are some pretty accurate assumptions that can be made about the platform. There are wide-sweeping changes that will impact the way that brands and influencers interact with consumers on the platform and that can either be good or bad depending on how prepared you are for those updates.

Engaging Content Is King

The content is king cliche is still as relevant as ever. Quality content will still be the main driving force of effective social media marketing. Instagram has changed the way that users see their feed so it is important to create content that keeps users looking at your posts, stories, and live feeds longer. The more that users interact with your content, the more frequently it will appear on their feeds. So create great content and create a lot of it!

Create More Videos

If you really want to build a following on Instagram, you will need to stay ahead of the curve with trends. When you are creating content for Instagram, you really want to focus on content that keeps users engaged with your page. Likes, shares, and even the duration of time that users spend looking at your content add to the overall success of your social media marketing campaign. So why not create content that keeps them watching.

Use Engagement Provoking Calls To Action

Content marketing, as a whole, really doesn’t work without CTAs that get users engaged with your brand. If the aren’t sharing your content (brand awareness) or clicking links that take them to your products and sale page, then you aren’t doing it right. Continue creating engaging and effective calls to action. Some great examples of CTAs that really work are contests (giveaways) and sale alerts.

Use Your Story and Go Live

With Instagram’s feed no longer being chronological and it favoring to show content from users that you have engaged with before showing you the rest of your feed, the feed might be lost on a lot of potential customers. That being said, Instagram Stories are very popular and those will always appear at the top of every user’s screen. Instagram stories officially make up half of Instagram’s users.

What’s even better to know is that if you Go Live on your Instagram story, it will place your story ahead of every other story as well as send out a notification to your followers that you are Live.

Note: Instagram’s feed prioritizes content that users engage with over the traditional, chronological feed. This means that organic content will become less prevalent whereas promoted content will still appear.

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