Strategies For More Facebook Engagement

Strategies to Get More Facebook Engagement

Are you struggling to increase your Facebook engagement despite your best efforts? You don’t have to be a digital marketing agency to generate the kind of Facebook engagement that increases your sales, improves your brand recognition, and that ultimately makes you and your business a staple in the community that surrounds your industry. So what are some sure-fire strategies for more Facebook engagement?

Create Better Content

Rule number one about social media marketing is that you need to have fire content no matter what platform you’re on. You could have a massive marketing budget to throw at social media, but if the content that you put out isn’t getting the attention of your audience and enticing them to convert, then it’s wasted.

Create better-written content, and better visual content, and use better captions and hashtags that look and feel organic.

Great content takes time to produce, and there is often a steep learning curve if you are new to a platform or software. But keep at it because with practice your content will improve over time.

Run Ads to Build a Relevant Audience

You need an audience before you can expect to make sales from promoting your brand on social media. When you’re starting your Facebook page you don’t have an audience outside of your immediate friends and family, right? How do you get to the point where you have a few thousand strangers interacting with your posts?

Running ads on social media can be scary if you are just starting out and you don’t have a huge budget for marketing and ad spending. In this case, rather than spending ads to promote products and services, you should be running Facebook ads that help you build a relevant audience that will be interested in purchasing from you down the road.

Create a Linked Facebook Group

If you want your Facebook audience to engage with you, then you need to create a space for them to do so. We recommend starting a group that relates to your field of interest and using that as a subreddit of sorts where your ideal audience would go to meet other people in the community, ask and answer questions, post memes, and read up on new content in the world of whatever it is that you do.

Use More Video Content

As we mentioned before, you want to make sure that the content that you create for social media is GOOD, but to elaborate on that, let’s talk about a form of content that consistently gets more engagement. Video content— specifically videos that are 3 minutes or longer, get more engagement on average than short little snippets of content.

Interact With Comments

Finally, if you want your audience to engage with your content, then you need to be sure that you are engaging with them as well. This can be one of the more relaxed and enjoyable aspects of social media marketing because it is more of a listening activity than an aggressive attempt to sell.

Go through your notifications and like and reply to everyone. Additionally, go through related Facebook groups and interact with those users as well. Again, like and comment on posts and even share some knowledge where you see fit. You’d be surprised how much more likely Facebook users are to engage with your content if when you are giving and receiving.

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