Unique Content Ideas for 4th of July

Unique Content Ideas for 4th of July

Queue the fireworks and all the red, white, and blue décor because this Independence day, we’re celebrating! To get your clients in the holiday spirit, prepare your calendars for some great 4th of July content. Creating quality content can be a great way to build brand recognition as well as boost sales through blogging and on social media. K2 Analytics says this is a great time to run promotions, offers, and to connect with your audience by displaying that American Pride.

Facebook Photo Contest

Running a contest through your Facebooks business page is a great way to get your audience connected. Prompt your audience to post their favorite 4th of July memories, or have them dress up and capture a photo of themselves dressed in red, white, and blue. The ones with the most likes win a prize.

Social Media Campaign

There are a few different ways to go about doing this. One way would be to offer a discount on all items until the 4th. Another way would be to take the discount a step further by having customers unlock the discount codes after a certain amount of likes, shares, or comments have been met. This encourages your audience to spread the word for everyone to receive a special discount code.


Trending hashtags get your business seen. Come up with something clever that everyone will be comfortable using. Once a hashtag has been chosen, use it across all social media platforms and encourage everyone to use the hashtag with all posts.


A fun way to get your audience excited for this 4th of July is by having a countdown posted on your website and social media pages. Promoting a countdown is a great way to get everyone back to your site as they will want to know how much time is left. This is a sneaky little way to getting your audience to return.

Red, White, and Blue Color Scheme

Currently trending on Instagram right now are colored posts. Change your feed to the colors red, white, and blue by taking three photos in a row of red, then white, and followed by blue. Get creative with outfits, merchandise, location, etc. Once all pictures have been taken, coordinate the feed to look like the American flag. Your page will be trending in no time.

Video Tutorial

Be sure to customize a video tutorial to fit your niche, but a great example would be to share a patriotic recipe of your favorite holiday treat. DIY’s are a great way to get your audience involved and gets everyone excited about the holiday time. Not all posts need to be about food – any DIY will do.

Firework Safety Tips

Fireworks are a given for this 4th of July. Posting a firework safety video, picture, or blog post is a great way to spruce up your posts. A safety-related post will be appreciated by many and shared with the community.