How to Use Twitter for Marketing

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

When you want to get your business involved in important conversations around the industry that your business serves, few platforms are as great as Twitter. Digital marketing campaigns that use various social media platforms are the most successful because they allow you to reach different audiences through various different mediums. This is highly effective for growing your brand, building a reputation, and ultimately making more sales once those online impressions turn into real, paying customers. Let’s look at why your business should be using Twitter for marketing and what you can do to improve your social media marketing plan.

Why Businesses Underuse Twitter

It’s no surprise that Twitter is severely underused by businesses, including many digital marketing agencies, because with most content marketing, Twitter requires you to be more dialed in to the conversations happening around your industry than Facebook and Instagram where you can rely on promoted ads and boosted posts to do the heavy lifting for you. But when Twitter is used correctly and consistently, it can grow your brand and your reputation much more organically than Instagram or Facebook. So what can you do to make the most of Twitter for marketing?

1. Complete and Optimize Your Profile

First things first, Twitter is about growing your brand and spreading your reputation to every corner of your industry. So when it comes to your Twitter profile, you want to be sure that your profile is a good representation of your business. Some essential elements that you need are:

• Great Avi (profile picture) that represents your brand like your logo or headshot
• Branded header (use this banner to promote yourself or an upcoming event)
• A bio that says who you are, what you do, and where people can find you
• A link to your website and online store

2. Win Fans by Creating a Twitter Personal

Nobody likes following Twitter accounts that feel boring and corporate. Twitter is very transactional and if you want to gain followers (and keep the ones that you have) your tweets need to be interesting, entertaining, and have some personality.

It can help to create a Twitter Persona for your business (or let your social media intern be themselves on Twitter). A Twitter persona who can be personable and tweet the occasional tongue-in-cheek content will attract followers who relate to your Twitter Persona.

3. Build a Twitter Community Around Your Field

Having 100k followers is pretty pointless if they aren’t interested in the Tweets that you put out. You’d be much better off with 100 followers who are a part of the community that you serve. So go out and follow only people who tweet about similar topics, follow industry leaders who you look to for inspiration, and start engaging with them.

4. Get Engaged in Conversations That Relate to Your Industry

On that note, using Twitter for marketing requires that you be on both the giving and receiving end of engaging conversations. There are plenty of meaningful conversations happening around your industry and it’s important that you get involved in them by sharing your perspective on news, hot takes, and even by posing questions related to your industry.