Ways to Increase your Social Media Posting

Ways to Increase your social media posting

Social Media posting has blown up over the decade, going from being just a social network to a global way of marketing. Every day social media plays a big role in most people’s lives, the amount of time devoted to checking posts, viewing uploaded pictures, and reading comments has become the normal part of a person’s day. With so many people tuned into social media, the benefits of having a business with a social media following can add important value and increase revenue. The trick is, how to increase your social media posting for your business?

K2 Analytics Has you Covered In The Steps To Help your Business Increase Its Social Media Posting

Be Consistent With Social Media Posting

Taking part in social media requires you to be committed and maintain a steady routine with updates and posts. Being active on social media only spontaneously, will not make you have any sort of presence or influence. When you are creating regular updates and staying active on social media, you are increasing your engagement and have more potential to gain more followers.

Posting at the Right Time

Posting is the foundation of social media, having content available for people to read and view is what makes your business visible. However, posting on social media is one component, the time frame of when you post is another. To maximize the number of people who view your posts, you should post 3 times daily, during the morning, afternoon, and evening. Most people check their social media regularly when they wake up, during lunch, and before bed. So posting during this time frame will allow for the most coverage for people to see what you have posted.

Clear and Vibrant Pictures

Social media posting works best with pictures! It can be a great way to increase your social media following. People enjoy looking at pictures on social media, the key is to have quality pictures with great colors and vibrancy. If the picture you plan to post isn’t clear it’s best not to add it to your post. Posting a bad-quality picture should never happen, it can lose you, your social media followers.

Respond to Comments

When you post something that receives comments, you want to make it your goal to respond to all the comments if possible. Followers appreciate when you write back to their comments, it shows engagement between you and your followers. You want to make sure when you do write back to comments, that you are responding effectively and not with one-word responses.

Stick to your Business

Many of us are multi-faceted people who enjoy sharing different experiences, however, this doesn’t work when it comes to social media posting. Straying away from your designated field can confuse your followers making it hard to understand your platform. Rather than being confused, many people will just unfollow you, causing you to lose followers rather than gain them.

Make it easy to Share

We are in a time where everyone wants everything done quick and easy. People would rather not waste precious time on something more complicated. When you have a great post with a lot of likes, followers want to share it. On your posts, have social media share links so your followers can easily share a post of yours.

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