5 Social Media Content Ideas Your Audience Will Love

5 Social Media Content Ideas Your Audience Will Love

One of the hardest parts of social media marketing is curating and creating GOOD content. At K2 Analytics Digital Marketing Agency in Las Vegas, we believe that creating quality content that your audience will love is a great way to market any business. With a little guidance and a list or two of great ideas, you will be posting quality social media content in no time like a true professional.

Step up your social media game with these 5 tips

Even when you think some of the biggest social media stars don’t have a content calendar full of ideas, think again. Here are some popular topics and inspiration to help you find social media content your audience will love. Feel free to use any of these or have fun brainstorming your own to try.

1. Memes

Right now you are probably seeing memes all over your feed. There are even apps that allow you to create your own. This is a fun way to get your audience laughing with you by combining an image and text.

2. Answer FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions are not typically posted as a photo but can be included in the description or story portions of social media. This is a great way to get your audience engaged as well as give them a glimpse into your brand or company. You can even go as far as asking and answering on the same day as opposed to waiting until you have compiled a list of questions to answer.

3. Day in the life

This is another great way to give your audience a view behind the scenes look at who you are. Everyone is looking for authenticity these days. Take a picture of when you wake up, what the office looks like, where you sit, what you eat, and when you end your day. Your audience will appreciate the authenticity and maybe even find some motivation or inspiration from your story.

4. Shoutout a follower

Mentioning or featuring a follower is a great way to give back to your audience. Acknowledging that they are there and showing appreciation when someone supports your content only adds respect and credibility. People want to feel seen so mentioning a follower is some of the best social media content. Plus, once you have done it once or twice your audience will start engaging a little more so that they can also feel seen and heard.

5. Offer a freebie

Who doesn’t love free stuff? This can be spread over a few days giving you extra content to post. It gets your audience engaged and excited for what’s to come. Be creative with this one. Offer something relevant to your brand, but find a fun angle to help promote the product. Your Social Media audience will love that you’re giving back and feel motivated to join in on the party.