4 Untruthful Things About Social Media

K2 Analytics - 4 Untruthful Things About Social Media

If you think your success is determined by how many followers you have, think again.

Social media is consistently evolving and changing as it takes on a new role in the world. It’s changing the way we view business as social media connects the dots with consumers. Even though social media is a new avenue, it’s taken a tremendous responsibility in connection, entertainment, and the way it impacts consumerism. Still, there are a lot of misconceptions about social media, including 4 untruthful things about social media. And we’re here to debunk some of them.

1. You Have to Use All Social Media Platforms

The first of four untruthful things about social media is that in order to be successful you MUST use ALL platforms. A brand that puts an effort in all social media platforms is impressive. It shows that you’re taking the business seriously. When you’re looking at it from a functional standpoint, your customers can easily find you due to your active accounts.

Still, the problem is that using so many social media platforms can lead to a disaster sometimes. Spreading yourself thin could be the best way to describe the term. Or perhaps, diluting the information. The reality is, you don’t have to signup for all social media accounts. Focus on where your audience is, and stick with it.

For example, when you want to target demographics, think about where your audience hangs out the most. It doesn’t make sense if you’re focusing on Facebook groups when all your target audience is on Snapchat. You might also think about functionality. Twitter is for discussion whereas Instagram is for visual posts. Think about which outlet conveys the message.

2. Your Followers Determine Your Success

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False. If you think your success is determined by how many followers you have, think again. Remember, just because someone followed your page doesn’t mean they’re reading your updates. One way to determine reliable metrics is by engagement, not followers.

Check your insights to measure the positive or negative impacts on your engagement efforts. At the end of the day, you want to understand which ones work and which ones doesn’t instead of focusing on vanity metrics like follower gains. Pay attention to metrics such as replies, retweets, and shares.

3. Always Stay Digital

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People crave for human interaction, and this is what some businesses are doing. You may as well be a robot if your brand doesn’t have a clear identity of who you are. In a sense, it’s valuable to associate human interaction with a business. For example, Steve Jobs was to Apple as Bill Gates is to Microsoft.

If you want your customers to associate with your brand, you need people who can best represent it. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be in front of the camera to share experiences. A simple weekly engagement like chat is valuable enough for your followers to get to know you.

4. It’s For A Younger Generation

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Many people think that social media is for younger generations. We can sell you the idea of social media as it benefits your business, but the point is, it’s never too late to learn. Social Media is a growing platform that continues to evolve as trends change. Online, such as at K2 Analytics, there are plenty of social media blogs and webinars that will help you understand different platforms.

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