Why Organic Reach Is Important When Marketing To Millennials

Why Organic Reach Is Important When Marketing To Millennials

If you’re marketing your products and services online, there’s a good chance that you’re trying to reach one of the largest and most engaged demographics on social media— millennials. Now, we may get a bad rap from boomers for being horribly addicted to social media but we’re also the most connected generation ever. Having grown up with social media platforms, the digital world feels like a second home to us and we’re quick to adopt new social media platforms before paid advertising can really take hold. By the time anyone has figured out how to market to us on a social media platform (like Snapchat), we’re already on to the next one! That’s why capturing our attention with organic reach is important when marketing to millennials. Here’s everything that you need to know about why organic reach is so effective when marketing to millennials.

Millennials Are More Aware of Paid Reach

First things first, nobody likes feeling like they are being sold something. Now, I may live in the digital marketing world, so I’m a little more aware of when I’m being hit with targeted advertising, but let’s be honest, anyone who’s grown up with social media knows the difference between promoted and organic marketing. The difference is that organic marketing is a lot more subtle and feels less like a used car salesman’s ad.

If you want to build solid brand loyalty you need to focus on organic reach as much as your paid reach. Your promoted content doesn’t work as well if 100% of your content feels like an ad. So let your social media manager (or intern) take the reins and give them permission to let their personality shine through with original content creation.

Millennials Consume Content Like No Other

Organic reach is important when you want to reach the younger generation. Millennials consume content like it’s nobody’s business. We’ll scroll for hours switching between Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

How do you get our attention while we’re killing time on social media? With high-quality content! Creating your own videos for Tik Tok (laying some serious industry knowledge on us), Tweeting nuanced opinions about changes in your industry as news drops, and creating Youtube videos and Podcasts where you share your insights will spread like wildfire if you do it right. Why? Because we love content. That’s why.

Memes and Relatable Content Are King

One of the biggest issues that I have with paid and promoted content is that they read like ads. That’s not a bad thing because ads are effective, but the difference between organic reach and paid reach is that when you create content for organic reach, there is a more personal touch. You are liking comments, sharing posts, replying to other users, and engaging in smaller, but more personal, interactions.

This makes posing memes on social media a great tactic for increasing your organic reach. Memes and relatable content are easier to share and engage with from the customer’s point of view because it replicates the same kind of content that they are putting out on social media.

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