4 Tips for Building a Social Media Strategy

K2 Analytics - 4 Tips for Building a Social Media Strategy

Social media has become a vital marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. People used to ask, “Why should I use social media?” Now they ask, “How can I optimize my business with social media Strategy?” Businesses must prioritize their social media presence by learning how to build a social media strategy effectively.

But before you strategize about where you want to go, you first must assess where you currently are.

A few social media strategy questions to consider are:

• Which networks do you currently use
• Are your networks optimized
• Which social platforms bring you the most value
• How do you compare to your competitors’ profiles

Once you have figured out where you are, then you must determine what you want to accomplish.

1. Goals

Think about what your goals are. Do you want traffic, or are you looking for brand awareness? Maybe you’re trying to get in front of an investor, or you want to reach potential people who could help you with your company. Do what makes sense, but don’t do what’s unnecessary.

2. Reach

Figure out who your audience is: who do you want to reach? Are you looking for current customers, potential customers, influencers, or maybe new markets you haven’t tapped into yet? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are some of the most popular business platforms, but there are also some niche ones, too.

3. Engagement

Engagement is important because this is how you will interact with your audience. Will you do things like content, blog posts, photos, graphics, and videos? Is it your brand or another company? All of the decisions made about engagement should focus on the end goal you have already established for your social media marketing.

4. Metrics

Once you have the answer to all of the above elements, it’s time to make a list of steps, ordered by importance and organized into a task list- kind of like a roadmap. This roadmap should include metrics and well-defined goals.

Once all of this has been established, it’s time to start testing the waters. Run a few campaigns and tests. You won’t be able to find a return on investment (ROI) unless you try experimenting with some things, such as geo-targeting, playing with demographics, and what types of search criteria you decide to use.

Building a social media strategy takes time, patience, and a little resolve. But with some educated trial and error, creating a strategic plan will ultimately create success!

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