Deciphering Instagram’s Algorithm For Better Organic Reach

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Facebook’s organic reach dropped tremendously, and we’re certain that this will happen to Instagram as well.

Thousands of content is shared on Instagram every minute, but many followers will miss this on their feed. This might alarm you, but it’s actually good news. Instagram’s algorithm works in ways that feed you content you care about the most. So you’ll never miss your sister’s entries, but you might miss your former coworker’s latest post. But that’s not entirely horrible especially when you don’t necessarily care for their posts about pets.
K2 Analytics Deciphering Instagram's Algorithm For Organic Reach
Before, Instagram used to work in chronological order. If your sister posted two hours ago, it’d go down the list. But if your former coworker posted two minutes ago, you’d most likely see this on the top of your feed. Now, Instagram has implemented a “best-first” algorithm.

What does that mean for businesses? Today, us at K2 Analytics will teach you about Instagram’s algorithm and how you can use to it your marketing advantage.

A Low Down of Instagram

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While new to the algorithm, it’s already evolving to that of Facebook’s. According to representatives, Instagram will deliver content based on your relationship with the user, how likely you’re interested in the entry, and the timeliness of it. It wants to understand what kind of content to bring to every user and which ones to shove at the top and bury in the bottom. In essence, low-quality content will be filtered out entirely.

How is the Algorithm Determined?

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The algorithm is top-secret as everything is kept in a hush-hush. But there are some clues that we’ve been given about it.

Engagement – It focuses on your likes. The more you like a particular content, the more of it you’ll get. Also, it looks at the way you comment as this can take a bit more effort. Now, you can also like a comment, because they want to promote a positive environment in the platform.

Timing – How a post was shared or posted all factor into when or if this makes it to people’s feed. While it used to work in reverse chronological order before, you still won’t see your sister’s post from a week ago.

Past Interactions – It feeds on your engagements between other users. So, if you tend to like images of baby photos, you’ll be sure to get more of those in the future.

How You Can Improve Your Organic Reach

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Facebook’s organic reach dropped tremendously, and we’re confident that this will happen to Instagram as well. But there are ways you can tackle the declination.

  1. Post Videos- Watching videos has increased by 40% in 2016. Instagram offers views instead of likes for all videos shared.
  2. Utilize Captions- Write captions that are eye-catching and compelling to your audience. Teach something, tell a story or share wisdom.
  3. Post Quality- Instagram is saying goodbye to low-quality images and blurry videos because it has no place on the platform. If you want your content seen, it better contains quality content.
  4. Hashtags- This simple feature helps people discover your content, and it attracts followers. Use the right hashtags to promote your business.