Top 5 Digital Marketing Metrics

Top 5 Digital Marketing Metrics

Creating a business is tough, but creating a successful business is even tougher. In order to create a successful business then your business needs to get people’s attention in the digital space. Not doing so will be detrimental to your success. In order to take up that space, we’ll be talking about the top 5 digital marketing metrics your company needs.

What Are Digital Marketing Metrics

Digital marketing metrics are defined as the measurement of your digital marketing efforts. This can take the form of tracking the number of clicks on a paid advertisement or the number of traffic you get on your website. All of these forms are considered digital marketing metrics. Now that you understand the differences then it’s time to dig deep into the numbers of what everything means for your business & SEO services .

1. Tracking Leads

Having a business means that you’re providing some sort of product or service to the customer. In order to provide said things, you need to go out and sell them to someone who needs it. Finding potential clients are called leads. Your business needs to track leads on a weekly basis in order to track future sales. If leads are down from month to month then this will lead to a slower rate of sales. Thus, potentially hurting your business in the long run.

Write down all of your leads on a spreadsheet and compare the numbers as time goes on. Whenever leads go up or down then dig deep as to what were the causes for those fluctuations, Search Engine Optimization. Too often companies talk to leads without writing them down for reference. Then, they don’t notice the change for weeks or months down the line!

2. Identifying Conversion Rates From Leads To Sales

Now that you understand the importance of tracking the number of leads on a daily and monthly basis it’s time to understand the bigger picture. Tracking those metrics will eventually lead to you talking to the client about your service or product. This is where the important part begins, track down the number of times a lead is willing to buy your service or product. This data will improve your workflow and help you better understand what’s going on. If conversion rates are low then consider a new business plan to help with sales.

3. Website Loading Speed

We all know that content is king! Posting and scheduling things on your website and social media is absolutely essential for your business’s growth. However, posting so much content can also negatively affect your website. Creating multiple unique posts or pages on your website means it will take up more data. This increase will slow down your website loading speed. It’s best to maintain posts and pages from your website so that it isn’t bogged down. Overall, this will also help your SEO score online. Expire old posts and pages that aren’t useful anymore. When uploading pictures to your website make sure to not upload anything over 200KB. Pictures can take up a lot of data and space on your website so compress the files so they don’t take up too much space.

4. Tracking Email Conversions

Just like tracking your conversions from leads to sales, it’s important to keep track of your email open rates. Seeing the success rate and the conversion rate of engagement to sales will help you create better emails. Marketing emails are still a powerful tool that you should utilize to grow your database. In fact, using email only marketing can boost sales and increase traffic to your website. It’s best to keep track of these email numbers in a spreadsheet to see the numbers over time.

5. Seeing Click-Through Rates

With digital advertising comes the number of people seeing the ad and then engaging upon it. This number of engagements is called click-through rate. You obviously want a higher click-through rate because it means you’re getting more traffic to your website. This increase in clicks can possibly lead to new clients and sales. Keep track of your paid campaigns to see how successful your advertisements are. If click-through rates are low then take a step back and dissect what the problem might be? Maybe you’re not targeting the right audience and zip code?

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