3 Reasons Your Online Marketing Efforts Are Not Effective

K2 Analytics - Online Marketing Efforts

“Without setting a goal, your online marketing efforts are like a race without a finish line…”

For all business owners, running a business is a challenging task, which makes it difficult to give all aspects of your business the attention they need to be most effective.

When it comes to your online marketing efforts, it is ever-changing, diverse and constantly growing, so it requires a lot of attention and maintenance to be sure your efforts are successful in reaching your target audience effectively at the right times, through the most effective customer touch points.

Many reasons lead to the failure of a company’s online marketing efforts – but that shouldn’t be the case. Online marketing is a powerful means of reinforcing your brand to targeted consumers while creating more awareness and demand through measurable online strategies.

As a business owner if you’re online marketing strategies are not giving you the results you need to boost your business online, you might want to consider why.

1. Lack of Goals/Direction

Your online marketing efforts should have a clear direction. Otherwise, you are posting on social media and running digital campaigns to which you will see little or no results. What do you want to achieve from your online marketing efforts? An increase in web traffic? More exposure? More sign-ups to your mailing list? Here at K2 Analytics, gaining an understanding of our client’s business and setting realistic goals for the future is the first thing we do, because, without it, your online marketing efforts are simply a race without a finish line.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

Another thing we get asked time and time again is ‘Can you put us at the top of the first page on Google?’ – the answer? Yes if this is your goal, our SEO team will be straight on the job – BUT it will take time. Online marketing requires a long-term strategy and a combination of various campaigns that will work together to reach your goal within a realistic time frame.

3. Limited Effort

If you are serious about boosting your business online, then it’s all or nothing and requires a focus on a combination of elements, most importantly these days being a mobile campaign. Posting on social media sites such as Facebook once every month is not likely to help you or your brand. Yes, it’s good that you have a presence on social media, but executing a successful marketing campaign requires a constant stream of updates and fresh, unique content at peak times specifically targeted to your audience – it takes time, but the results that it yields make it all worthwhile.

If you are lacking experience and focus when it comes to online marketing, we would recommend outsourcing the work to a marketing team who will be able to give your brand the attention it deserves to push it to the top!

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