Why Your Business Needs Digital Advertising

Why Your Business Needs Digital Advertising

At K2 Analytics, we know why your business needs digital advertising. That’s because we help our clients increase their reach online in a way that translates into lead generation and increased revenue. And we do so through effective analytics-based digital marketing.

Although we are very much deep into the digital age, there still seems to be a lot of people and businesses who are holding out against spending on digital advertising, or advertising for that matter. Many businesses, usually on the smaller “family-owned” and “boutique” end of things like to let word-of-mouth be their main form of advertising. After all, as consumers, we’re more likely to shop where a person we trust recommends. That doesn’t mean that this is always the best way to bring in new business.

Reach People Where They Spend Their Time And Money

The first, and most important reason why your business needs digital advertising has to do with one very important fact. The average person spends somewhere between two and six hours a day on their phone. Doing what? Well, checking emails, reading blogs, tweeting, scrolling Facebook, and watching Instagram stories. Mostly. Some check their phones as many as 150 times per day!

If that weren’t enough, four out of five shoppers are online shoppers. So the question now shifts from “why do you need digital advertising” to “why aren’t you advertising to consumers where they spend all of their time and money?”But all that online shopping must be due to online retail giants like Amazon right? Wrong…

Not only is it important for businesses to have an online presence, but they will also need to have one that is appealing to users to truly be effective. If you haven’t updated your website to work perfectly on mobile devices, this is your sign to contact K2 today.

Small Businesses Can Easily Get On Level Ground As Corporations

Many small businesses can get on level ground with corporations without needing the budget that you think you would need. The truth is that most businesses cannot outspend a corporation to get the best air time on TV, radio, or films. What is also true is that with the right digital marketing strategy you don’t need to.

The right marketing strategy can increase your reach, generate the best leads, and help you get on level pegging with corporations by beating them for first place when it comes to SERP rankings and PPC Ads.

With the growing popularity of influencer and affiliate marketing, it’s possible to make a big splash on the market without the massive budget that corporations have.

Why Digital Advertising Is the Best Value

If you really want to make your money work harder and smarter for you, then you need to look towards digital advertising. First, it’s the best value in terms of you get what you pay for — and what you pay for are hyper-targeted ads, better analytics than other mediums that allow you to adapt your strategy in real-time, and an easy marketing strategy that can be adopted and scaled with you as you grow.

That is to say that unlike radio, commercials, or billboards — which you never really know the ROI, digital advertising allows you to see how many people reach your site from ads, call your business through specific listings, and even open your newsletters. You can see what works, what doesn’t, where you can better spend your budget and efforts, and so on.

It’s simple, really. Digital advertising is the best way to help grow your leads, sales, and brand while saving on unreliable methods of traditional advertising.