What Valentine’s Day Has Taught Marketers

K2 Analytics - Valentines Day for Marketers

With Valentine’s just around the corner, many are already looking forward to getting bouquets of flowers and chocolates. However, Valentine’s Day didn’t just tell us that we should express our feelings to the people important to us, especially to our romantic partners. It also taught the experts some important lessons in marketing.

Lessons Marketers Learn From Valentine’s

Once the Christmas season vanishes, stores will start selling products that are red or pink in color and sweet in flavor. Something that is pleasing to the eye, elegant, and fancy-looking. These are sure signs that Valentines has already taken over. And these gimmicks are all over the country– or even the world– thanks to marketing. Even though marketers have full control of how these strategies work, they still learn important lessons from this romantic day. Valentine’s Day has taught marketers things they need to remember in order to drive more revenue and earn more customers in the long run. Here are the lessons marketers learn from Valentine’s Day.

1. Don’t let Valentine’s Day slip away

When you venture into any store after Christmas, everything you’ll see is already Valentine’s Day-themed. And it’s all because the Christmas season is over. Time won’t stop for you and the season won’t wait for your ideas. So you have to be quick and timely. When it comes to marketing, timing is the key. Always stay one step ahead of your consumers. You can’t sell Santa Hats when everybody else is already looking for boxes of chocolates.

2. Do it for the target

Know who your audience is and focus on their wants and needs. Gather marketing data by reaching out to them as much as possible. Use social media. Use Analytics. Use everything you possibly can, and once you get all the necessary data and statistics, start stepping up your marketing game.

3. Have consistent themes

Engraved with Valentine’s Day are the words “I love you.” Just like this special day, have your brand something consistent that will stick to your target’s mind. Repeating core messages will make it easier for your audience to remember you. Plus, it will ensure a clear brand identity.

4. Come in a complete package

A piece of candy won’t suffice, neither a single rose. When it’s Valentine’s Day, you want to give your date a bouquet of roses along with a box of chocolates and a nice dinner out. Otherwise, she won’t be very impressed, right? Same goes for marketing. To get the best results, all the components of your marketing strategy such as your SEO, content, and social media should be in sync.

5. Use plain language

When it comes to Valentine’s Day cards, people don’t like using jargons. They want to understand easily so convey your message in plain language, even in marketing. If the ideas about products and services are too complex, make sure to simplify it for the target.

The Bottom Line

When we thought that Valentine’s Day is just a superficial event that involves flowers and chocolates everywhere, it’s good to know that it gives a more meaningful message to marketers.