How to Win at a Winter Marketing

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Once the holidays are over, people don’t have much more money left and start to feel anxious with all the credit card bills they have to pay. Thus, the last thing they want to do this winter is to spend at your business. But as a marketer, you can take this as a challenge instead of a threat.

Overcome the Winter Marketing Slump

For business owners and marketers, this time of the year is bittersweet. It starts as an abundant season of having a bunch of customers and clients buying here and there, every now and then. But, as time goes by, people reach their credit limits and are left with empty pockets. No matter how much people have spent this holiday, it’s still not impossible to have them come back at your store or log online once again to get a few deals with you. With a few steps of planning ahead, you can definitely beat the winter slump and ace this game. Here are some tips to win in winter marketing.

1. Start Assessing Your Business’ Performance

Sure, the holiday chaos might have already died down. But this is the perfect chance for you to look back and determine what has been your strengths and weaknesses. Before you start making marketing plans, make sure to assess your previous performance to know how to move forward.

2. Reach Out to Your New Clients

The Thanksgiving and Black Friday e-commerce and Christmas e-commerce marketing periods gave way for your business to meet new faces. Don’t take them lightly as they might be able to provide you with business opportunities later on in the future. Thank them for their support over the festive period and maybe send them a small gift, if possible. Also, try to get their email and ask them to join your mailing list even if they didn’t make any purchase. This will keep them updated on your business and possibly be a returning customer.

3. Strategize Your Next Steps

Understand what your customers might need this time. After all their wallets have been drained, they may not be interested in big purchases so try to stick with smaller treats. The season of gift-giving has already passed so focus on what’s coming next. Strategize on your next steps and plan ahead.

4. Keep Moving Forward

It’s normal to have a slow season and experience the calm after the storm. But it’s not the end! You can try to think of many ways to get back on track and regain business and web traffic from your clients. Keep inspiring your followers, write winter-themed blog posts, post engaging content on social media, and they will surely look forward to your next big sale!

Marketing Tips for Winter

Whether you are a Halloween retailer, a moving service company, or a ski rentals shop, you’ll experience the challenges of the most dreaded off-season once your peak season ends. The thought of not having your customers come back is another factor that may cause you anxiety. But don’t let the seasonal slump win over you. Instead, do outsmart it and win the winter marketing game by following these simple tips for your business.

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