5 Easy Ways Your Brand Can Give Back to the Community

K2 Analytics - Give Back to the Community

A business soars by lifting others. According to a study by Cone Communications and Echo Research, more than 90% of consumers would switch to a brand supporting a good cause. Giving back to the community doesn’t only show audiences that you’re going above and beyond for your brand, but it goes to show the morale in your company, a strong reputation in your community, and social responsibility. And what’s even better than those three beneficial assets? It doesn’t take a lot of money to have a big heart or save the planet. Here are five easy ways K2 Analytics recommends your brand or business can give back to your communities.

Simple Ways to Give Back

1. Volunteer

Encourage and educate your team about the importance of giving back. It doesn’t require a single penny or an entire day to engage with the community and the benefits of it all are priceless. Studies prove that individuals who volunteer more than others who don’t are a lot happier, more confident, and have a natural sense of pride and identity. If it motivates your team, even more, offer a PTO day where they can give back to the charity of their choice. Or you could make it a team bonding trip to do a beach or park clean up for a couple of hours.

2. Go green

Instead of only giving back to your community, why not give back to the entire planet? Build a green platform for your brand by being an example for your community. It doesn’t take much money or energy (no pun intended) to jumpstart an eco-friendly system in the office. If you aren’t already going digital, decrease your paper consumption. If you absolutely need to use paper for your business to function, consider PCW paper (post-consumer waste), a 100% recycled paper alternative. The office could also make the switch to biodegradable and organic cleaners, alternative power (solar power) or CFL/LED light bulbs, and designated recycling bins for trash, recycling, and compost. Bonus points go to your brand if you’re also animal cruelty-free!

3. Be a knowledgeable source

By sharing your skills, talents, and experience that makes your brand so unique, it gives people the opportunity to trust you and remember to return. Not only does your credibility as a brand increase but putting your expertise to good use for others to use is giving back. Being an available source in your community is very affordable too! Have a blog on your business website of tips and tricks in your industry or do demonstrations at seminars or on Facebook Live. The creative possibilities are endless!

4. Sponsorship

Be active in your community by being a sponsor! Not only does your brand name get to be in big bold letters on huge banners or flyers, but it’s a promising feeling to participate in. Consider a youth sports team, local marathons, organizations, or special groups. If you’re a printing shop, you could design some logos and put together t-shirts. If you’re running a restaurant, cater a game or event! Or simply, donating bottled water or snacks is just as fine too.

5. Launch a charity drive

Hosting charity drives are great if you’re short on money and time. Start by donating to your local nonprofit or your favorite charity group. The list of things to donate goes on forever! From clothes, toys, books, food, and even blood, look to your team to come up with fun ideas for drives. It also helps to keep your drives in trend or relevant like the holidays to get everyone in the spirit of doing good for the community.

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