Top 4 Customer Service Mistakes

K2 Analytics - Top 4 Customer Service Mistakes

Excellent customer service is what sets the best help desks and department stores apart from the rest. With that in mind, what makes poor customer service? Here are the don’ts of customer service management to ultimately avoid for your business’ benefit.

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes in Customer Service!

Don’t Spam Your Customers

Don’t fill your customers’ news feeds and inboxes with multiple posts and emails. This applies to any company with a social profile and email database. You don’t want to constantly post ads, reminders, promotions, or videos all the time. Your customers need to have a break every now and then. Make sure to switch up the type of content and context you share or put together a schedule with a marketing strategist or digital marketing agency.

Don’t Be Too Informal

Social media is a more casual medium where people and corporations interact on a regular basis, however, customers still expect businesses to fulfill their role seriously. Your company’s credibility is on the line if your employees are using unprofessional emojis, slang, or lack of, etc. Yes, speaking their language is important, but it should never distract from the credibility of your company’s professional image.

Don’t Get Emotional

We are all human, employees are people, too, and the customer is not always right. Sometimes the customer can be a total jerk. That said, the employee isn’t representing themselves, they’re also representing your company and brand. If an irate customer, whether they are right or wrong, takes a screenshot of the unprofessional conversation, that could be your company’s demise. You must train your employees to keep their cool and handle any unpleasant situation professionally and according to standard. A customer’s complaint must always be addressed and resolved, or even denied based on the subject matter. Either way, take it with a grain of salt because you can’t make everyone happy all the time.

Don’t Let It Stay Public

Some of the best advice to take any public issues to a corner. That is, sort out customer service issues out of public view. Once a complaint is made and an employee responds whether in a public setting or online, request that the customer continue the conversation in a direct manner. What this does is prevents other customers from getting involved or seeing the end result. Every situation is different and companies need the flexibility to respond to each unique situation individually. Not all outcomes are going to be the same.


Customer service in general always has its own setbacks and issues, but with the right training, nearly any customer service fiasco can be controlled. By knowing the don’ts of customer service management, you can avoid more of these issues on a regular basis, and set a precedent for your company’s customer service policies.