4 Holiday Marketing Strategies For Procrastinators

4 Holiday Marketing Strategies for Procrastinators

For an online marketing agency like us, December is the busiest time of the year. But this can creep upon us. One day you’re working on Endless Summer Specials, and then you’re planning for Black Friday deals around October, so it’s easy to procrastinate until the due date is nearing. Working with numerous eCommerce over the years, we’ve understood the reality that some holiday marketing promotions are only implemented at the very last minute.


Online Marketing For Procrastinators This Holiday

Still, you can’t ignore the holidays as eCommerce sales wracked up about $10.13 billion last year alone. The merriest time in online shopping is now, but we can’t blame you if you’re running around with last-minute marketing plans. Fret not — you can still come up winning this season even if you’ve procrastinated. The following is a list of the best marketing for the procrastinators in all of us.

1. Incorporate Holiday Keywords into Product Descriptions

You’ll see an increase in website traffic within the eCommerce environment around the holiday season which means SEO is inevitable, the best driver for many merchants. One way to improve your visibility is by using meta tags. What are meta tags? They are the words that search engines utilize to crawl your content. These small descriptions tell search engines what the web page is about and it helps by ranking your page according to their relevant search results. These descriptions also appear in the search results.

Fortunately, there’s YOAST which is a WordPress plugin that automatically generates your meta description tags. You can also customize it according to your product description so if you want to drive more traffic to your website, try incorporating phrases like “Christmas”, “holiday gift guides”, “gifts for him”, “holiday gifts”, etc. You may want to review your holiday keywords to use words that guide your customers to your featured holiday products.

2. Send Personal Holiday Greetings to Your Valuable Customers

During the holidays, people send holiday greeting cards to their loved ones. At the same time, receiving them doesn’t appear to be an annoyance. Take advantage of this holiday cheer by sending your loyal customers a personalized greeting via social media or email marketing. The purpose is to show your gratitude for their continued support of your business. In the message, you can add the following content:

1. Introduction to your upcoming promotions
2. Inclusion of products they’re purchased before along with product recommendations

If you don’t exactly know who your loyal customers are, you can make a customized segmentation. It only takes a few minutes to identify them using tools like MailChimp. This segmentation can be used to see your customer’s behavior, and you’ll be able to discover your frequent buyers.

3. Host Holiday Contests Over Social Media

An old marketing tactic that still works today is contested. They’re easy to work with and best for last-minute holiday promotions. For a successful campaign, host your contests via social media as this can attract more attention. Think of a holiday contest that can easily attract an audience. The fact is, many people who are on Facebook are more eager to join your campaign if they have a chance to get something in return.

Begin a holiday-themed contest that can excite your existing followers and importantly spark new social media engagement and connections. The most important part about contests is choosing the right prizes. Give them prices that are irresistible to your market and focus on limited items. Another thing to remember is to host a contest that is easy for everyone to share such as including easy-to-post photos.

4. Try Time-Sensitive Promotions

Because the holidays start and end in a specific period, you can leverage time-sensitive promotions. Around this season you want to make promotions and offers that are limited to time as this can motivate your customers to buy the products now rather than later. When you want stress urgency, add a countdown timer to increase its demand. You can easily add a timer on your email marketing campaigns and even at your homepage to emphasize urgency.

So there you have it! When you want a grow sales this season try these four easy-to-do holiday marketing strategies.