Digital Marketing that Makes Customers Bite

Together with the owners we took Tackle Monkey off the docks and into a customer-hunting Jon boat with social media marketing and an expert e-commerce website that reeled in the sales. As a brand new fishing tackle subscription box, Tackle Monkey achieved a lot in a very short time, and found growth in their business!

Business Type: Monthly Subscription Box for Bass Fishing


Tackle Monkey came to us before their official launch so that we could help them launch their new product. As with any new product launch, Tackle Monkey would need an e-commerce website, a large social media audience, and a digital marketing plan that would help them grow their business from a concept into a full-fledged monthly subscription box giant. Since Tackle Monkey was a new business, we would be starting from scratch, which we are experts at doing. So how did we help Tackle Monkey with digital marketing starting on Day 0?


With Tackle Monkey, we identified two (2) main aspects of their digital marketing strategy that we would need to tackle. First E-Commerce to ensure that they are able to collect emails, sell products, and promote their services. Second we would need to build out their social media pages from scratch.

E-Commerce: We began by building Tackle Monkey a clean website that would adequately explain who they are, what they sell, and why you should choose them over their competitors. We created a website that allows them to sell their products as well as allowing their subscribers to manage their accounts. As always, we designed this website with best practices for loading speed, mobile friendly, and SEO.

Social Media: While the e-commerce website is beautiful and some of our best work, social media is where the magic happens. Through social media we were able to connect Tackle Monkey with thousands of bass fishing enthusiasts who would turn into loyal subscribers. Their social media strategy was a combination of promoted advertisements and organic network building. We would engage with fishing enthusiasts through Facebook to spread the word about this new subscription box, host contests, and share fishing related content that would increase engagement.


Sure enough our hard work would pay off and Tackle Monkey is now one of the leading monthly subscription boxes for Bass fishing enthusiasts. We are proud of their growing business and as they continue to grow, so will our digital marketing plan for them. They are a great example of small businesses that can flourish with the right social media and e-commerce platforms.

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