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K2 Analytics was honored to be a part of the founding team for this gorgeous brand, Laterra Gems. We started with naming the business, developing the logo, and coming up with the tagline. Then, we designed a multi-platform e-commerce website that has been effective in selling every product in the stores. Laterra Gems has now grown to have 4 physical retail locations, located in Las Vegas, NV.

Business Type: Health and Wellness E-Commerce


Any time we take on a client that is launching a new business, we know that we have our work cut out for us. A new business like Laterra Gems, an elegant Las Vegas retail shop that sells jewelry, art, and beautiful crystal gemstones requires elegant branding to match. With Laterra Gems, we were starting from zero which meant that we needed to create a brand identity, an online presence with web design, and social media.


Branding: We began by creating the Laterra Gems brand. We came up with a logo and color schemes that match the beautiful products that they would sell. We have worked with brands that sell gemstones and crystals before, but Laterra takes it up a notch and so did we. Everything about their brand lets you know that they are committed to delivering products that are visually appealing as well as full of the earth’s energy.

Web Design: It’s difficult to market and promote a business that doesn’t have a website. So we got to work and started to create a website that incorporates all of the elements of Laterra brand: the colors, the earthy feel, and the elegance which they present. We follow SEO best practices and incorporate them with great content, stunning images of gemstones, and information about services that they only offer in-store.


Laterra Gems had a successful launch! This was an exciting branding and web design project for us to be a part of. Their website looks stunning and their branding is on point to help them attract the right customers. Laterra is a young business that is bringing a fresh new take on the industry that they serve and their beautiful website is a testament to that.

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