SEO for HVAC Contractors

(Case Study)

Lions Heating & Air Conditioning is an established local HVAC company that was looking into SEO for HVAC Contractors, a fresh Web Design, Rebranding, and Social Media Presence.

This was a major project that involved multiple steps to execute our proposed digital marketing strategy properly.

SEO for HVAC Contractors

Business Type: HVAC Company

The Challenge

Taking on the challenge of boosting a local Los Angeles HVAC company’s online game was no small feat.
We needed to ramp up their web presence with a slick rebranding and an SEO-optimized website design that wouldn’t mess with their solid standing.

Our goal? To get them climbing the ranks in search results without stepping on the good rep they’d already built.
This meant weaving in our magic with a cool new look and smart tech, making sure they stood out in a crowded market while keeping all the great stuff that customers already loved about them

The Solution

We initially worked to generate an appealing and iconic logo for the client, as well as a new brand voice to help them stand out from the competition.

Our team developed a new, user-friendly web design with that foundation that incorporated the new logo and color scheme.
The Branding part continued to match the employees’ shirts, Working Vans, and Offices to match the new Color Scheme and Logo.

Next, we need to find the best way to attack the issue of Local SEO for HVAC Contractors.
Our SEO Team needed to identify and select keywords that best represented the client and their services. Than, we went and researched the competition in the service areas our client was working in as well.

320% Increase in website traffic

Our dedicated efforts have proven effective in expanding our client’s digital reach and converting online visitors into real-world business successes.

240% Increase in ranking keywords

This significant achievement has positioned our client on the top of search engine results pages, capturing more leads and expanding their market reach.

42% reduction in ads budget

By delivering an SEO-Optimized website and improving the client’s organic search rankings, we’ve significantly decreased their reliance on paid advertising.

By developing dedicated landing pages for each service area, we strengthened the client’s visibility and search engine ranking.

The next step was to make sure the service area pages would rank well, and for that, we teamed up with the client to deliver pictures and reviews from the field. Once we connected the work portfolio to the service area pages, it was a match!

A big part of the collaboration was for us to find the best way to deliver leads through ad campaigns, and although there were a few hiccups along the way, we found a combination of ads that worked in sync and performed leads.

We set up the account with Local Ads Services, and then we created small local campaigns in less competitive regions to keep the cost within reason.

With multiple business locations, it’s not an easy task to deliver SEO for HVAC Contractors, but as we built the website and worked on branding and ads, we also pushed the Local Pack results on the map.

Rounding things off, our team established social media accounts for the client, generating and executing content to build on the momentum we’d already created.

To fine-tune the client’s reach, we further generated content specifically targeting the zip codes and cities that the client services.

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SEO-Optimized Web Design For HVAC Companies

As the SEO agency entrusted with Lions Heating and Air’s digital marketing, we spearheaded a transformative web design project that redefined the company’s online presence and positioned them as industry leaders in HVAC services.

Leveraging our expertise in user experience design and conversion optimization, we crafted a visually appealing and intuitive website.

Our goal was to create a seamless browsing experience that not only showcased their services and expertise but also encouraged visitors to take desired actions, such as scheduling appointments or requesting quotes.

By prioritizing mobile responsiveness web design, fast loading times, and clear calls-to-action, we ensured that Lion’s website was a powerful lead-generation tool, driving tangible business results.

SEO for HVAC Contractors

At the core of our digital marketing strategy, was a comprehensive SEO campaign aimed at enhancing their online visibility and attracting qualified leads.

Recognizing the importance of local search optimization for a service-based business, we conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant terms and phrases that resonated with their target audience.

Through strategic content creation, technical optimization, and ongoing monitoring, we elevated Lions’ search engine rankings, ensuring that they appeared prominently in local search results for HVAC-related queries.

By optimizing their website structure, improving site speed, and incorporating schema markup, we not only boosted their visibility but also enhanced the overall user experience, driving organic traffic and conversions.

PPC For HVAC Contractors

In addition to our organic search efforts, We implemented a targeted PPC campaign to further amplify Lions’ online presence and generate immediate results.

Leveraging platforms like Google Ads, we crafted highly relevant ad copy and targeted keywords to reach potential customers actively searching for HVAC services.

Through meticulous ad targeting, budget management, and ongoing optimization, we maximized the return on investment, driving qualified leads and conversions while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Our data-driven approach allowed us to continuously refine our PPC strategy, ensuring that every dollar spent delivered measurable results and contributed to the business growth.

K2 Analytics Chart

The Result

With K2’s SEO for HVAC Contractors guidance, the client experienced a major rise in SEO rankings and online presence.

This increase helped generate growth in website traffic and lead generation, producing boosted sales numbers for the client.

Combined with a revamped Google Ads campaign, the client was able to increase their sales numbers while lowering costs for their advertising spending at the same time.

Through our team’s hard work, We were able to deliver a streamlined website that was optimized for HVAC SEO while keeping the client’s original vision!


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