E-Commerce Done with Forward Thinking Marketing

Our vision together with Purlife was to build strategic SEO, PPC, and Social Media efforts, Purlife has become well known in the industry as one of the most trusted sources for negative ion jewelry and at the same time experienced unprecedented growth. We have seen success as a team throughout the years, and are proud to be a part of the wonderful company.


Business Type: E-Commerce Health and Wellness Brand


When a brand enters a market as big as the health and wellness industry with a brick and mortar presence and e-commerce goals as large as Purlife, it’s important to have the perfect brand identity and the online presence needed to back it up. With Purlife, we would need to take an A to Z approach with their digital marketing and build everything up from scratch. This meant establishing a foothold on every online platform that would help them scale their e-commerce operation.


Working closely with Purlife to create an incredible online presence through beautiful and functional web design, high-quality content marketing, and most importantly— incredible customer service through their social media management has helped Purlife become a leading brand in their industry.

Online marketing can be tricky when a client’s main audience is all about the outdoors and improving their wellbeing. That’s why it is essential that all of our online marketing efforts were precise and efficient.

Additionally, our team has worked hard and continues to help Purlife reach a wider audience and to generate more leads through our search engine optimization services.

The final results are the culmination of attractive graphic design, compelling and creative content marketing, and a great looking, mobile-friendly website that was designed with UX in mind. For Purlife, we delivered:

The Result

The launch of the company’s new website was successful! The new website easily houses hundreds of products and even includes a Point-Of-Sale (POS) system. The social media marketing plan highlights its luxurious negative ion jewelry to its followers. 

A new company logo was also created to recapture the essence and energy of the company. This company continues to grow leads through its online presence and deliver its products around the world.

Web Design E-Commerce Jewelry Health and Wellness Brand Web Design Website Red & Blue Color


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