SEO For Electricians

Service industries are somewhat our specialty at K2 Analytics. Our digital marketing agency had the pleasure of working with an electrical electrician company for their web design and PPC development.

Working with this type of industry was new to our team, but the client’s success was only possible because of our years of experience.

SEO For Electricians

Business Type: Electrical Company


The biggest challenge was to help the client stand out in a very competitive industry through our in-house digital marketing solutions. Aside from this, our team needed to create a new logo and brand identity for the client.

Additionally, K2 Analytics needed to incorporate existing content and designs from the old website and integrate them into a new website developed by our team. Fusing old elements with new elements is one of the many hurdles that the team had to overcome.


The first thing we did was to incorporate SEO tactics into the client’s new website. We targeted high-volume search terms that users are looking for within their city. Our content team took this step to the next level by creating individual landing pages for each service.

Our PPC team also created a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign to help generate leads and revenue for the client. The industry the client works in is very competitive, so PPC advertising would assist with getting jobs scheduled for the client.

Our graphic design team also incorporated existing elements into the new web design and developed a brand-new logo. This assisted with aligning the client’s brand identity with the audience they’re serving.


Through our PPC campaign efforts, the client started to get a steady growth of jobs booked. Our PPC campaign efforts increased revenue tremendously while cutting down on other advertising spending.

The new website started to rank organically and increased website traffic by 70% because of our SEO ranking efforts. Website traffic increased significantly as the client’s organic search increased as well.

Lastly, we incorporated elements of the previous design while using new designs. This rebranding helped the client have a smoother transition and final presentation once their website was fully complete.


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