Makeup & Skincare Products E-Commerce & Website Design

Amina Beauty is a makeup & skincare products retailer in Las Vegas. This brand came to K2 Analytics needing A to Z digital marketing services. This brand was an existing retailer using word-of-mouth and in-person marketing. However, without the proper direction of digital marketing services, this retailer needed help to stand out from the competition.

Business Type: Amina Beauty is a makeup & skincare products retailer


K2 Analytics proposed a plan to create a user-friendly website that integrated an easy-to-use e-commerce platform and point-of-sale system. Second, we needed to determine with the client which were the best products to incorporate first to get a diverse mix of products. Lastly, K2 Analytics needed to determine which keywords best represent the client to increase search engine rankings.


Step one: Set up an e-commerce platform & point of sale system.

Step two: Track & consolidate inventory.

Step three: Provide product photography.

Step four: Integrate the website with the e-commerce platform.

Step five: Target keywords that best represent the client.

Step six: Optimize the website for content & SEO services.

Step seven: Set up social media accounts & generate content.


The client now has a large digital presence with the help of SEO services, web design, content marketing, social media marketing, and other essential digital marketing services. The e-commerce platform helps the client keep to keep track, sell, and advertise their products. Since the website is fully optimized, it also increased speed; which assisted in important keyword ranking factors.

This retailer now supplies its customers with in-store and online services. Increasing the online presence of the client assisted with reaching new customers and generating more leads. Overall, increasing the success of the client!

Makeup & Skincare Products E-Commerce & Website Design


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