Digital Marketing Tips for Local Business

Digital Marketing Tips for Local Business

One of the biggest challenges that local businesses in Las Vegas face is being able to afford the time and money that it takes to market their businesses. That’s where digital marketing comes in. Digital marketing allows businesses to promote themselves online for a fraction of the cost of traditional media. But digital marketing isn’t always the easiest! K2 Analytics has compiled digital marketing tips for local business that will help you get the ball rolling.

Take Advantage of Every Online Local Directory

The first place that you want your business to be found— before Facebook, before Instagram— are local online directories like Google and Yelp! Especially Google.

These local directories will appear at the top of Google search result pages before organic content. Typically these directories will allow online users to easily view your website or call you with the push of a button.

The simplest of digital marketing tips for local business is often overlooked.

Social Media Marketing Is Less Expensive Than Traditional Marketing

If you’re deciding on the best places to spend your marketing dollars, you may want to consider social media marketing over the traditional marketing mediums like billboards and radio ads. With digital marketing and advertising you are able to see where every single dollar you spend goes, how many impressions and sales that they’ve returned, and you may likely save as much as 50% of your marketing budget.

Being able to track analytics like those is invaluable to your business.

Your Email List Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Want to know the best way to reach your target audience? It’s not through Facebook and it certainly isn’t over the phone. It’s through email.

As a business owner, your main lead generating source is going to come from collecting the emails and contact information for interested prospects and returning customers.

With email marketing, you can send discounts, promos, coupons, and announcements to their email daily if you wanted to. With the right email marketing campaign, you may be able to carry most of your e-commerce traffic through promotional emails.

Focus on Setting Goals That Create Value Instead of Vanity Metrics

Having 100k followers on your business’s Instagram account is great and all— it certainly looks good, but how many of those followers are paying customers?

You could have endless followers, but the reality is that vanity metrics like followers do not always translate into leads and sales because of the way that social media works.

It’s far better to focus on metrics that actually generate value such as actual engagement, sale attributions, and how much web traffic your social media posts generates for your business.

Each of those performance metrics is more likely to generate sales better than follower counts ever will.

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Digital marketing is a deep field that goes far beyond any tips or tricks could ever accomplish. Let us help you manage all of your digital marketing efforts. Our in-house marketing team provides A to Z marketing services that are designed to generate leads and sales for your local business. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.