Master The Art Of Landing Pages

How to Master the Art of Landing Pages

As the world is slowly transitioning into the digital space it’s important to grow with technology and not against it. Too often companies do not grow with it and fall behind the rest of the industry. A rude awakening of this example was at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies were scrambling to make a work-from-home space possible. In order to grow with technology, it must start with your company’s website. Here are some useful tips to create the perfect landing page.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Just like the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Find the perfect graphic or image that relates best to your landing page. Whether it be a page about your product or a blog relating to a celebrity, find and capture the best image for the page. Studies have shown that images with people in it will increase trust with the content consumer. Just think about it, people trust people and not inanimate objects. Since most are consuming content through their phone then adjust to it! Resize your landing page image so that it favors mobile devices. This will ensure the perfect image in the preview link whenever it’s shared.

Write The Perfect Headline

Writing a great headline is an artform within its own right. The perfect headline along with the right image will generate traffic to your website. The landing page image and headline are the first things that people see before they even read the content. So, why not tease the consumer enough to leave them wanting more? This is a sure way to ensure that the person will stay to read your information. We recommend a headline with 70 or fewer characters.

Keep The Writing Simple

The first two steps are crucial to a successful landing page. After you’ve chosen the right image and the written perfect headline it’s now time to write your content. Be sure to give the consumer what they want! Don’t take forever to give the information to the consumer. This will lead to a dissatisfied person that will likely leave your website and possibly never return. Getting people’s attention in the digital realm is tough enough, so do not break that trust. When writing be sure to write in a clear and concise form. Make your content digestible so that anyone can read it. Remember, the internet is full of people from young to old.

Keep Your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

To reiterate, millions of people are consuming content on their phones. So, tailor your landing page to also include mobile-friendly versions. Too often companies forget that and realize their mistake after someone points it out. The last thing anyone wants is to look out of touch in front of a customer or consumer. A good way to avoid this is to ensure that your domain allows a mobile version of your website. Also, make sure that all of your landing page images are sized for mobile social media sharing. That way the image is already cropped to the perfect size whenever it’s shared. You don’t want a poorly sized image of your page whenever it is shared via social.

With these four things in mind, it will definitely give your landing page an advantage over a competitor’s page. Find the perfect image, write the right headline, then give the information in a fast and digestible way. Don’t break the trust you build with a consumer by not giving them the information they want. Lastly, keep in mind that people get their content in various ways. Tablets, phones and other mobile devices are on the rise and replacing desktops.