How to Be A Successful Blogger

K2 Analytics - How to be a Successful Blogger

Making the decision to start a blog or become a blogger is an exciting thing. You have this burning passion for informing the world of your ideas, thoughts, and how-to’s through a series of posts on your personal website.

Now that your mind is made up on the blog, what its name will be, the content you want to write about, and who your target audience is, how in the world does one get started? It ‘s hard to make that first post because you haven’t found your style or voice of writing yet.

The first thing you must remember is never to give up. It may not be easy at first, you may make common blogging mistakes, and your first few blog posts may not receive the attention you had hoped for. Don’t let that discourage you. If you find yourself struggling to start or continue with your blog, here are some helpful tips that K2 Analytics recommends you to utilize to make you a successful blogger!

Find Your Target Audience

The biggest thing about blogging is figuring out who you are writing to.  If you have a particular theme you are starting such as DIY, planting, cooking, things of that nature; you’ll need to accommodate to how your readers appeal to individual writing styles and format of writing styles and format of a blog post. You can look at other blogs for ideas, but be unique! Don’t steal someone else’s style, create your own!

Interesting Topics

You can write about anything you want. However, you want to write about something that you feel would appeal to your readers. Discuss seasonal and limited time-frame topics, such as the holiday season or New Year’s resolutions. Write about something no one else has written about, brainstorm your topics.

Writing Skills

Your writing skills are also a factor in gaining readers. You want to have your blog post flow nicely with strong word choices and structure. This will show your readers you are an influential writer and that you have credible knowledge on the topics you are writing about!


Posting a blog every week or two weeks will keep readers interested. Seeing something new within that time frame will make them eager to see what you will write about next but without having to wait forever.


This is the most important advice we can give on being a successful blogger. Not doing your research can be the downfall of your blog. If someone were to notice that information on your post was incorrect or not up to date, you would immediately lose your credibility. Just because you have to do research doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be writing about. Don’t think that you have to have extensive knowledge about everything you write about.

The cool part about blogging is you learn something new with every blog post. No matter if it deals with your writing, audience, or content, you continue to grow! Have fun and we can’t wait to see what new blog you create!