Difference Between Organic Reach and Paid Reach 

Difference between Organic Reach and Paid Reach

K2 Analytics understands that managing your company’s marketing budget is vital to the success of your business’s ability to bring in new leads. Organic reach is the number of individuals who see your content without any paid distribution. Paid reach is the number of people who see your posts as a result of paid promotions. Both marketing methods are neither good or bad. It is up to preference and the way you enjoy spending your time and money as a business owner.

Organic Reach

To increase your “organic” reach, many will say to take an organic approach. Any method that reaches an audience without any payment is considered organic. Some businesses are very successful with this method and focus on the long-term goals of the company.

To become successful with organic reach, focus on a content strategy that will get eyes on your content over time. Anything with longevity in mind will help you be successful with organic reach. Bloggers and YouTubers are great examples of people who use organic reach. Some of the most successful online influencers have built a large and diverse community through posting organic content that gets shown to people looking for it.

Why organic reach?

As people begin to associate your name with a product or brand, you begin to build trust with your audience leading you to higher conversion rates. You will begin to notice more purchases, likes, follows, and subscribers in the long run.

This method takes more time so patience is required. Keep posting great content and stay persistent and consistent. Remember that change does not happen overnight and great things take time.

Paid Reach

This is considered paid advertising since you are giving digital platforms money to help get your content shown. We call this Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC). Paid content such as promoted tweets of Facebook ads can be very obvious and sometimes do not come across as organic. These days, ads are everywhere you look. Instagram, Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Almost every platform used has an ad front and center. Since so many platforms provide some great and not-so-great ads, they are easily visible getting more eyeballs on the content. Try to avoid some common online marketing missteps by creating quality content for your ads.

Results are easily measured with paid reach giving you all the feedback you need. With paid reach, you can receive the exact number of leads, conversions, and engagement.

Why paid reach?

When you work with K2 Analytics, you get fast and flexible results that are easily measured. Many people love the idea of paid reach as they find it very quick and efficient. Posts are getting looked at quickly once they have gone live which does not leave you feeling uncertain about the content. Depending on your budget, you can quickly see results. If you have the money to invest in paid reach, this can be a great way to get your work in front of a lot of people.

The good news about paid reach is that once your reach and engagement has risen, additional organic reach on posts starts to take place. If you’re interested in paid reach, try it out for a month or two and compare your engagement frequency with the months you have used organic reach. Contact us today to start your paid and organic marketing campaigns!

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