Simple Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Ranking

Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Ranking

You worked hard, wrote for hours, dedicated endless time and effort, and yet, your Blog isn’t Ranking. Now what?

An online presence is crucial to any business, whether big or small. A Blog itself generates many marketing strategies to help with your brand’s traffic, sales, and awareness. Plus, it’s the first thing customers see when searching for you online. If you’ve noticed your Blog isn’t performing optimally, consider these four simple ranking reasons to think you rethink your digital marketing strategies.

Your Blog Might Not Be Ranking Because…

“Your website is the window of your business. Keep it fresh, keep it exciting.” -Jay C.L (Business writer)

1. Poor design and user experience

First, check if your blog is optimized. This is important for search engines to find you; if the web can’t find it, your customers won’t be able to find it either. Secondly, rethink your website’s design and navigation. Is your blog aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Is it filled with unclear navigation and broken links? Do your images, videos, and content take a while to load? This is especially important for e-commerce websites that need to generate high engagement. This is one of the main reasons customers may be giving up on your website, increasing your bounce rate. Be sure your images and videos are in high resolution, your blog isn’t dull and think of simplicity when navigating pages.

2. Lack of content updates

Be sure your blog is constantly updating new content. From new topics, images, and other content offerings, customers are much more engaged with high-quality, up-to-date brands. In addition, consider lengthening your content. It doesn’t help your blog when your competitors have 2,000 words and yours only has 500. Help people learn more about your brand by thickening each page’s word count, quality, and details.

3. Wrong audience

Be sure that your current promotion strategy is attracting the correct audience. Consider what type of visitors you want to visit your site. The last thing you want is irrelevant visitors clicking in and out of your site while increasing your bounce rate. Promote your business’ website by attracting the proper demographics for paid advertisements and organic promotions. Furthermore, once you’ve found your direct audience, be sure you understand their attitudes and beliefs. Always listen to your audience and plan strategies accordingly to their response.

4. SEO reasons

The power of SEO is bigger than you think. SEO (search engine optimization) drives heavy traffic to your site, drives sales and revenue, creates brand credibility, and constantly attracts new customers. Ensure your website’s content and, most importantly, blogs connect with your readers. Blogs are the leading source for leads and traffic; ensuring they are SEO driven is how your website will start to rank higher, driving more traffic and sales.

Many people think their website will automatically get traffic after they launch a blog. But unfortunately, that is not always the case. If you have come to this step and you’re not seeing lots of traffic coming in, it could be that your blog is not getting the right kind of attention.

There is More To a Website Than a Blog

Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you’ll get traffic. It might not even have the slightest increase. Traffic is good, but it’s not just simply getting it. You need the right kind of it. Gaining traffic is not good unless your blog or business website is also achieving its other purposes– online marketing, brand visibility, more clients, etc. Here are some reasons why your blog isn’t ranking.

1. You’re not sharing it on Social Media

Nowadays, we live in the social web era where all the interaction takes place. Most American adults use social media in their everyday lives. They don’t simply read an article– they like it, share it, and comment on it. The process flows naturally, so promoting your content on social media is great. When you publish content on social media channels, it is important to promote it. The promotion part means sharing and commenting on the article. It helps your content go viral, but not in a bad way. Most people think that the more they share it, the better. But that’s not always true. If you share your content 10 times on Facebook to reach a large audience, it may get you not much in return as you hope unless you polish your content and make it “worthy” for the audience you are sharing to.

2. Your Keywords are All Over the Place

Most people are at least familiar with how keywords and title tags work together. But despite that vague knowledge, it can be hard to strategize and apply it to one’s blog. Keyword optimization is an issue. But you can research and target long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords, as opposed to short ones, are more specific and targeted. They also have a more direct search volume than short-tail keywords. You can research long-tail keywords using Google AdWords and many other SEO apps.

3. You Deliver Boring Content

User experience is ultimately important. If they find it uninteresting, then don’t expect traffic to come. Low-quality content gets downgraded, so better improve the quality of your content and look for new ways to upgrade it. If you fail to engage your audience, You will have no visitors. If you engage them and hold their attention, they will stay and come back for more. Make sure that your content and visuals are interesting enough so they stick around.

4. The Design is Not Appealing to Your Readers

Web Design is important. How your blog looks, feels, and functions affect user engagement and experience. Make it as easy to the eyes as possible and improve your blog’s quality and traffic.

You Need GREAT Content!
Writing content is only half of content marketing. You shouldn’t expect everything from it. Reaching the desired traffic volume takes a lot of hard work and patience. When things are done properly, traffic will surely come flooding next time. You Need to be Passionate about Your Blog!

And finally, you need to have a passion for blogging. If you can’t dedicate time and effort to your blog, it’s not worth doing it.

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