SEO for health and wellness business

We have closely partnered with American Medical Wellness to help them create a beautiful SEO-friendly website, execute an effective content marketing strategy, and improve their online visibility. Together with American Medical Wellness, we have boosted their search engine rankings and transformed how their clinic is perceived online. They’re able to send a clear, consistent message to potential patients, increase conversion rates, and drive more leads than ever before.

SEO for health and wellness business

Business Type: Women’s Wellness Clinic


American Medical Wellness is a Women’s Clinic in Las Vegas. They offer wellness services in menopause, peptide therapy, diabetes management, and other health services. K2 Analytics has been proudly working with this company since its inception. Our plan included comprehensive, A-to-Z digital marketing strategies to help this clinic launch.


We developed a practical plan to drive the client’s business forward and expand their online presence and reach.

First, we closely collaborated with the client to establish its brand identity, creating an official logo and design that would resonate with its target audience.

Next, we conducted thorough research to identify the demographics and keywords relevant to women seeking health services. This research informed our highly targeted marketing efforts.

At the same time, we built an SEO-based website, optimized to cater to the diverse range of medical services offered by the client. This ensured the website would be easily discoverable by individuals seeking healthcare solutions, expanding the client’s overall digital reach!


Thanks to K2 Analytics’ work, the clinic saw a significant increase in patients following the launch of its new website and branding. With optimized SEO increasing overall visibility and dedicated pages for specific services and treatments, the clinic has been able to stand out from the competition and effectively capture new business while retaining existing patients. With K2 Analytics’ support, the clinic continues to improve the quality of life for the patients it serves every single day!


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