SEO for Construction Companies

K2 Analytics teamed up with an industry-leading construction and contracting company located in Los Angeles.

We began with handling all facets of digital marketing, with delivered services including content creation, search engine optimization, social media campaigns, and building a beautiful, mobile-friendly website.

Since then we have seen an increase in leads, and Sandstone Builders continues to flourish in the online world!

Business Type: Construction Company


The biggest challenge we faced was that the client worked in an extremely competitive city and industry. The client’s competition was already established and had a long-standing authority within the Los Angeles market. Meanwhile, our client had been in business for years, but never built an online presence to match their reputable company.

Aside from building a competitive edge for the client, K2 Analytics needed to translate the client’s 25+ years of service into an effective digital marketing strategy, balancing legacy with innovation and growth.

Although the expectations and goals were set very high, we were set on accomplishing them since this isn’t the first time that we faced a high-caliber challenge.


Our first step was to design a logo and website that aligned with the company’s brand identity while still preserving its core essence and values. As we did so, we worked to research the specific areas the company served, drawing on that information as we developed a carefully crafted SEO website that not only captured the services offered by the company but helped it stand out online.

Through the successful implementation of a social media strategy and the creation of blogs centered around relevant keyphrases, we were able to significantly increase our online presence, engage with a broader audience, and drive more traffic to our website.


The SEO-based website generated a significant number of leads, many of which became projects for the client company! With the benefit of greater visibility and targeted digital marketing, many homeowners across Southern California are trusting this client with their home renovation projects.

Thanks to the work done by the team at K2 Analytics, the client’s online presence continues to grow as we showcase their amazing craftsmanship!


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