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We teamed up with Sandstone Builders, an industry-leading construction and contracting company located in Los Angeles, CA. We began with handling all facets of Digital Marketing. These include content creation, search engine optimization, social media campaigns, and building a beautiful,mobile-friendly website. Since then we have seen an increase in leads, and Sandstone Builders continue to flourish in the online world!

Business Type: Home Remodeling & Construction Company


Sandstone Builders Inc. is a construction company and contractor in Los Angeles. This custom contractor does everything that a homeowner needs for their renovation projects like roof restoration, pool renovation, paving, room additions and more.

Our challenge was to take their 25+ years of experience and add on to its legacy through digital marketing.


Step one: create a logo and web design that aligns with the company’s brand identity.

Step two: Research the Los Angeles County market and target certain cities.

Step three: build a hyperfocused SEO website that covers all of its services.

Step four: continue the company’s legacy by connecting with others on social media.


The SEO-based website generated many leads, which turned into jobs. Many homeowners across Southern California are getting their home renovation projects done with the help of this construction company and contractor.
Their online presence continues to grow by showcasing their amazing craftsmanship with construction materials.

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