Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore

There are lots of new online digital marketing trends which are evolving in today’s high-tech age that companies today should consider using, if not already. To determine what the most appropriate strategy is for your organization, the secret is to stay on top of the trends. What has worked for you in the past may not help you in the future as technology is always evolving. Below we have highlighted 3 digital marketing trends you cannot ignore this year!

Try Out These Marketing Trends

1. Social Media Stories

With the popular rise of social networking “stories,” it’s essential for digital marketers to consider this format within their own online advertising strategy. A smart and savvy marketer can make use of live video, which is also one of the most lucrative social roll-outs to date, to encourage participation and brand awareness. It is vital to customize your advertising strategy towards your audience’s wants and needs without forcing them to participate with your company the way you think they should.

Since stories vanish after a certain amount of time (usually 24 hours), this is a superb opportunity for content creators to make decent usage of FOMO (fear of missing out). With short attention spans, most people prefer to view quick visuals and content whose time expires. Because of this, brands are putting their efforts into creating transient content by using the Stories feature across multiple platforms.

2. Influencer Marketing

Using influencers is a really effective marketing strategy which works to entice customers. Influencers can be anyone from bloggers and journalists to celebrities and social media celebrities who help share your company’s message or merchandise through their social platforms.

All these people today engage and interact with their network of fans and followers on social media. They talk about a specific brand that they enjoy and use to their audience, who already trusts what they say. Since this is not an ad or coming from the business directly, influencers have the ability to build up a brand image in a positive way helping attract more customers.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are a popular, current, digital marketing strategy. This AI-based technology (that you’ll be hearing far more about in the years to come) uses an instantaneous messaging algorithm to chat in real-time, any time of day or night, with your clients or website visitors, and many companies are already using this feature.

They have the capability to satisfy the growing needs of clients in this highly connected age of digital technology by allowing easy and instantaneous communication with clients and prospects. Customer support is offered by these assistants, meeting with clients’ goals and automating jobs that allow organizations to concentrate on other functions that are more important.

Chatbots can provide all the information needed to explain your products and services, plus they can answer questions, ask for an email address, or send information without any human involvement. These bots can also store customer information, making it so that the customer doesn’t have to start over with each interaction.

Bottom line

Whether you are considering live influencers in your strategy or adopting chat bots through artificial intelligence, you will be able to create engaging, personal content, and reach a larger, targeted audience, while acquiring more leads with increased conversion rates. These are buy a few digital marketing trends you cannot ignore… just think of the possibilities!