How to Use Landing Pages for Your Website

How to Use Landing Pages for Your Business

If you’re familiar with websites, whether or not you are a digital marketing expert, you have probably heard of a landing page. While a landing page is another page on your website, there are nuanced differences in the way that it is used that you may not be familiar with. When you understand what landing pages are, you can understand how to use landing pages for your website to help generate more conversions.

What Is a Landing Page

Landing pages are webpages that are used specifically for marketing purposes. Unlike other pages on your website that may have a wide array of goals that encourage the user to move through your website from link to link, landing pages generally have one goal (and one goal only). That is to get you to convert on a Call to Action (CTA). When a user clicks on a link— usually through a PPC ad, social media post, or email, they “land” on this page that is very specific to one topic, one goal, and one outcome. The content on the landing page should lead the user to act on this.

Different Ways Use Landing Pages

As I mentioned above, a landing page typically has one main goal that it is trying to achieve, but the beauty of it is that you get to decide what that goal is. Here are a few different ways to use landing pages for your website.

1. Use a Landing Page When Launching PPC Ad Campaigns To Give Customers More Information

When you create a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad on Google you should create a landing page that is specific to the ad. This landing page should be about the topic of the ad, use the appropriate keywords, and have a Call to Action that makes sense for the ad. Doing so increases the likelihood that online users will convert when they land on the page.

2. Use a Landing Page To Enroll New Subscribers To Your Newsletter

Sometimes, the best way to sell something is to not sell anything at all! If your goal is to build a large audience that you can use later on down the road, you can create a landing page that encourages them to subscribe to your newsletter. Using a landing page to increase your contact list is really effective for marketing because it’s free to sign up. Once you do have an audience, you can send out promotional emails and product launches.

3. Use a Landing Page To Promote Your Product Launches

A landing page is a great way to tease a launch date in order to gather contact information from your audience. Much in the same way that you want to encourage users to subscribe to your email list, you want to use the excitement surrounding product launches to gather emails that you can use to promote products, services, and events. In this case, you want to create a landing page based around “sign up to be the first to find out when this product goes on sale…”