6 Essential Things To Do Before Publishing Your Website

K2 Analytics - Publishing Your Website

Websites that are geared to gain readers and clients should make sure that their website is easily understood.

When you’re in the works for launching a site, you want everything right. Between anxiety and excitement, the only thing you want to do is publish your website without caring about the finishing touches. However, we think you should wait. To ensure your website runs smoothly, consider the following tips before publishing your website:

Research and More Research

Publishing your website is a lot of work. Trust us; we at K2 Analytics make websites for a living. First, we come up with an idea. Then, we pass this information on to our creative team and collaborate on designs. No project should happen overnight. This means you need tons and tons of research to make it right.

Prepare your website for potential visitors and how they’ll receive the information. Cater to those visitors by planning a concrete strategy. What kind of information will they find on your website, and is this what they’re after? In other words, stay consistent with your brand identity.

Plan A Month’s Worth of Content

Write quality content for your website. There’s no point in launching if your site is only featuring two posts. Instead, develop 4+ entries and have about ten more scheduled in the future. When your website is consistently up-to-date, it shows your audience that you’re serious about promoting yourself. Get in touch with people around the same niche and create more blogs according to their liking.

Come Up With a Great Design

At K2 Analytics, Web Design is a top priority. Websites that are geared to gain readers and clients should make sure that their website is easily understood. For example, if you have a blog, you want quality content. However, the design can capture your user’s attention, and you want a great first impression to keep them sticking around.

Don’t Forget Google

If you don’t have one yet, set up Feedburner, Sitemap, Webmaster tools, Gmail, Google Analytics, etc… Don’t wait until your website is published before incorporating these essential tools. Ensure all these outlets are in working order, and test them beforehand. You don’t want to find out one week later that your Google Analytics is improperly installed.

Create Some Giveaways

One way to attract the attention of your readers is by hosting a giveaway. Do this by offering free services (if you are a coder, writer, or designer). You can also collaborate a giveaway with a business that caters to your audience. For example, if you’re a lifestyle blog, you can team up with a company that sells home decor that your readers will like. This ensures your users are receiving benefits from your first launch.

Go on Social Media

Even if you decide not to use all of them, it’s best to have them set up. You need an easy outlet to reach your audience. Also, it allows you to grow in exposure with the right dynamics. One best way to do that is by having a social media presence where you can make announcements and entertain your followers.

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