Understanding the Dynamics of SEO

K2 Analytics - Understanding the Dynamics of SEO

“When we understand the dynamics of SEO, Search Engine Optimization, it can help with the way we search as well as give insight to what consumers will see in searches and how to be relevant when they do.”

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is now a popular primary weapon of choice for most digital marketing agencies wanting to be relevant in an online search as well as attract a high volume of visitors to their websites. Such strategies can statistically lead to revenue. SEO is a process of keeping one’s website link at the forefront of every search related to your business. Additionally, when hiring an SEO Agency, it’s important to understand the dynamics of SEO.

Who Gets Top Results?

If someone were to type “coffee” into a search engine, a more popular mainstream coffee brand might come up first before seeing the more indie brands who are still working on establishing a presence online as well as repeat business and high reviews. Such points are part of the criteria that make a given website more viable than another in the mind of the search engine which will post the search results without personal bias beyond correct alignment with its algorithm.

Understanding the Dynamics of SEO

Why Aim For Organic Traffic?

Businesses can appreciate SEO for all the organic search traffic it ultimately brings to their site. What is important to know about how to make the top of the list on any given search engine is how the algorithm or criteria a search engine system uses to make its top picks.

Who Benefits from SEO?

SEO is praised by those who benefit from it and perhaps spoken less highly of by someone who is not as invested in procuring internet traffic or consistently remaining relevant in consumer searches online. Search filters and criteria algorithms factor in some basic common elements but each search engine optimization company carries a slightly (or drastically) different recipe. Let’s say for example that an airline was making the news for the alleged mistreatment of its patrons. While reviews for that airline may plummet, there is a good chance it will still be relevant in an airline-related search online.

Is SEO The Real Deal?

Some people have devoted their lives to shining the brightest via SEO, to the point of speculation for conspiracy. Despite the accusations, organic SEO ratings are not affected by paid advertising searches. Some search engine companies might offer a space for URL submissions but have admitted that often the better way to go is to allow one to be generated in the land of SEO for a better SEO circulation of your website.

Search Engine Optimization is a live system, evolving and reevaluating the relevance of sites and their criteria to give searchers the results they seek and a positive recommendation. When we understand the dynamics and power of SEO it can help with the way we search as well as give insight into what consumers will see in searches and how to be relevant when they do.