SEO Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Websites Ranking

SEO Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Websites Ranking

The amount of minor errors that can have a major impact on the reach that your brand has is incredible. However, it seems as though so many businesses choose to ignore errors with their website which do nothing but hurt the marketing efforts of the company in the long run. These SEO mistakes that are hurting your websites ranking range from the simplest mistakes of spelling errors in links to more serious issues such as duplicate content, multiple heading tags, a lack of alt attributes on images, and slow page loading speeds. Luckily, the web design experts at K2 Analytics have you covered. Here are common SEO mistakes that are hurting you in SEO search results.

Duplicate Content On Your Site

Having identical pages on a website is surprisingly common and causes Google’s algorithm to penalize your pages when it cannot tell which page is the primary one to pull up in search results. Additionally, this issue may be penalized because when pages are crawled they search for original source materials. This error typically shows up when pages have been duplicated or when the same paragraphs have been placed on multiple pages across the site. This is, fortunately, a rather simple issue to fix that can help you see immediate improvements on your website’s score.

Not Enough New or Original Content

Another common issue seen with websites is a lack of sufficiently and properly-written articles. Online articles are a great method of increasing your brands reach but if the articles you have aren’t properly spliced with keywords and links then Google may deem your article “too thin” to properly give the article topic justice. This is done in an effort to promote articles that actually work towards educating the consumer rather than simple walls of text that simply strive to have a high word count. Putting in that extra level of effort and care to ensure the articles you have on your website are of a high enough quality can be the key difference between a page-one result and a page ten result.

K2 Analytics Digital Marketing in Las Vegas

Keeping a website maintained and running efficiently is not as simple a task as many are led to believe and many issues such as those discussed earlier are deceptively challenging to fix if you do not know what you are looking for. This is why it is best to rely on the experience and expertise of web design, SEO, and digital marketing specialists right here at K2 Analytics. We provide full A to Z digital marketing services for organizations to maximize their online marketing efforts. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation to get your digital marketing in the right direction – Las Vegas SEO Services.