How do Keywords Impact Ranking?

How do Keywords Impact Ranking

Keywords are probably the most important part of any content published for the world to see, but how do keywords impact ranking? Growth within your business will not happen without them. Many companies do not realize that keywords have been around for years and are just now experiencing the losses they’ve had because they did not use keywords in their digital marketing strategies. Everyone wants to increase their visibility all over the world allowing them to sell more of their products without selling a kidney to get and maintain exposure. Ironically keywords are the key to making your business goals happen so let’s take the key and open a world of potential.

Relevance in the Online World Today

Everyone wants to be relevant today online. Relevance helps to get more traffic, and more customers and increases our brand awareness faster. What most people don’t know is that you can use keywords to make yourself more relevant to the online world. If your content is not relevant to the keywords you are targeting, it will be hard for you to rank. You want the connection to be solid between your keywords and the page you are trying to rank so that it matches the intent of the person searching. This is the best way to appear in the SERPs and come out on top.

Ranking is Everything

By using keywords to improve your ranking you will get more traffic and visitors to your site will turn into paying customers for your products. If your company is using only organic search engine marketing methods, your keywords are what will bring you traffic. You could be missing out on revenue simply because you didn’t have the correct keyword on a page title. Ranking first in any search engine has been proven to provide up to 30% more daily traffic than without using keywords.

Impact on the SERPs

Think of keywords as the oil the mechanic puts in your car to fix it. The oil in a car keeps the car running at the top of its game. Keywords do the same thing for your business, the keywords are the oil that keeps your pages at the top of search engines and relevant to the online world allowing more clicks, with the potential of gaining customers that will continue to come back to your site. Visitors and customers to your website want it to be fast with the most important and relevant important possible. Research shows you have 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention whether it’s on social media or a website, keywords can keep people on your site for longer because your information is more relevant to what they are searching for.

Search Engines

To be blunt, a search engine can not rank your site if the site isn’t optimized with the correct keywords. Keywords allow search engines to know what your page is about. Your website is the needle and the search engine is the haystack. Keywords tell search engines “Hey this is what they’re looking for, but this page at the top of their search results”. You don’t want someone to be searching for you for hours on end with frustration when finally getting to your site. Research from 2015 to 2021 shows that 52.5% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Search engine optimization that uses the correct keywords is all about implementing the best practices for a website and allowing a good user experience to keep people coming back.

What is the importance of keywords?

Keywords are the heart of your SEO campaign. It is one of the most important aspects for improving search engine rankings and building a successful organic online presence. Using keywords allows you to be more relevant to what your potential customers are searching for giving you an edge over other companies that do not constantly check their keywords and update them with new relevant terms.

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