Google’s digital marketing course clashes with SEOs

Googles Digital Marketing Course clashes with SEOs

Recently Google rolled out a course about digital marketing that sounded innocent enough. But as is often the case with Google, nothing’s quite what it seems.

This new course attempts to teach people the basics of SEO. And its content was created by real qualified professionals in their respective fields—except for one huge exception.

The section on “how to optimize your site for the search” was written with bad advice that some SEOs would consider outdated or flat-out wrong. In fact, anyone studying this section of the course will be led astray and possibly damage their site’s rankings using techniques that didn’t work years ago and definitely don’t work now!

New reports have alleged that Google’s digital marketing course teaches bad SEO advice.

A new report from The Search Agency alleges that Google’s digital marketing course teaches bad SEO advice. It says that keyword density should be 2%, which Google does not have in their official documentation and can actually hurt your rankings.

The course also suggests that content should be longer than 300 words, as well as keywords or phrases at the beginning and end of your content. This contradicts conventional SEO wisdom and is unlikely to help get you ranked higher on search engines!

This course is likely to mislead beginners into bad SEO advice.

This course is likely to mislead beginners into bad SEO advice. It’s not complete SEO training, but it does cover some of the basics. The big problem is that the lessons are often incorrect and misleading.

As a complete beginner, it’s easy to trust Google’s recommendations without question—but that could lead you down a dangerous path. You might end up doing things like over-optimizing specific pages or sections of content—a huge mistake that could hurt your rankings.

Google’s Digital Marketing Course is not complete SEO training.

Google’s Digital Marketing Course is not complete SEO training. It’s a beginner-level course that can be used as a starting point for your own research, but it won’t provide you with all the answers.

If you’re serious about learning the ins and outs of search engine optimization, you’ll want to invest in an advanced course such as the one provided by Semrush. It’s also free!

Avoid making huge SEO mistakes by doing your research

SEO is a complex and constantly evolving field, so it’s important to keep up with the latest trends.

You should also be aware of Google’s most recent algorithm updates and changes and how they affect your strategy.

Don’t try to use SEO as a magic bullet or short-term solution to your online marketing problems. You need to think long-term if you want your business to succeed online!

Do Your Research and Learn From Other SEOs!

This is a very interesting case. Google wants to teach people about digital marketing and SEO, but the content does not match their own website. This could mean that Google is not completely aware of the best practices that are being pushed in the course when it comes to SEO. It also means that there is a huge disconnect between the theory of SEO and its practice of it, which needs to be addressed so more people can improve their online marketing strategies.

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