How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Profits

How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Profits

Content marketing is a great way to indirectly attract new clients and customers that breaks up the constant barrage of ads and promoted content that says “buy me, buy me.” Yet, not everyone knows exactly how to use content marketing in a way that generates a profitable ROI. At K2 Analytics we use content marketing to help our clients establish meaningful relationships with their clients. Content marketing works by bringing clients to your website and social media accounts by offering them meaningful content like tips and tricks, advice, industry news, and visual content that captures their attention. This works to create brand awareness while drawing in customers with your brand’s ethos.

Identify Your Audience and Create a “Buyer Persona”

Before you can start creating compelling content that persuades and draws in new and returning customers, you need to identify who your ideal audience is. This is important because without knowing what demographic of people buy your product, you can’t possibly create content that is tailored for them. To make this easier, create a buyer persona — a fictional person who embodies your ideal customer. What is their gender, age, geographic location, and income level? The more specific you are, the better!

Identify Your Buyer Persona’s Pain Points

In order to effectively understand what role you play in your customers’ lives, you need to understand what problems they have that you offer a solution for. For example, if you are a small natural deodorant company, the pain points that you could identify are everything wrong with mainstream antiperspirant companies; maybe they don’t want aluminum and other chemicals on their bodies. This will ultimately help you create content that elicits an emotional response that makes consumers want to use your product.

Research the Right Keywords

Once you know who your audience is and what problems they care about when purchasing products, you can proceed to research the right keywords to include in your content. Keywords help your readers find your content online and they stand out at buzz-words. Returning to the previous example of the all-natural deodorant, a keyword that you could use would be, “aluminum-free deodorant.” Repeat this until you feel like you have enough keywords.

Create Content Based on Pain Points

After you know what your ideal client cares about and what keywords to use in your content, you should create content about these pain points and offer solutions, tips, tricks, and general insight about the topics that establish you as an authority on the matter. The point of content marketing is to draw people in with engaging content rather than bombarding them with your product and services.

Be sure to create content on every appropriate channel that makes sense for your company. Take advantage of email lists, social media, blogging, websites, and any other medium that your key audience uses.

Creating content and posting it at the right times can be very time-consuming. Let our team help you. When you have a team of content creators on your side, you can spend more time working for your customers and less time stressing about content!

Always Use a Call To Action!

Creating amazing content that interests and engages your audience is a fantastic way to draw them in, but without a clear and meaningful CTA (call to action), all of your hard work could be for nothing!

Call to actions that really work are the ones that get your readers from your content to try out your product or service: “get your FREE quote,” “Get Started Today,” and so on.

Once you have this formula down, simply repeat it over and over. The thing about content marketing is that it is a constant effort that never stops because its effectiveness relies on staying relevant in the eyes of your target audience.