Online Marketing Trends that are Expected to Dominate 2016

Online marketing trends that are expected to dominate 2016

Online Marketing Trends in 2016

“An Outdated Website Is No Longer Sufficient”

The Digital World can be daunting to those who are dubious about adopting up and coming marketing trends. With each year comes drastic differences from the previous, technology is constantly changing and growing. Businesses can choose to jump on board with these changes or fall victim to modernization.

Companies that decide to move along with the changes they are faced with are essentially one step ahead of those who don’t. The eventuality of it all is that businesses that don’t choose to move along with the technology will eventually be forced to play catch up.

At K2 Analytics, online marketing is our expertise. Therefore we are always analyzing the current and emerging trends to find out what is best for our clients’ individual needs Of course, 2016 will see technology continue to move forward, but to what extent? Here are some of our projections:
Search Will Expand Even More – Social Networking sites are expanding their search algorithm and offering guided searches, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube in particular, Which allows us to incorporate the blogging network into the wider internet community to a greater extent.

Mobile Will Dominate Desktop

2015 marked a big year for mobile, so much so, that Google introduced a new algorithm, ‘Mobilegeddon,’ which saw websites that were not optimized for mobile completely phased out. This tells us mobile will be playing a dominant role throughout the coming year.

Content Will Remain Crucial

Developing quality content should be a priority for any business. Content Marketing aims to develop a brand and their relationship with customers and prospective customers alike, while also delivering valuable information to the reader. At K2 Analytics, we would encourage any small business that doesn’t currently have a content management system in place, to create one as soon as possible, don’t risk being left behind in the coming year!

Visual Content is Key

Visual Content increasingly builds a business’s SEO ranking, as Google now prioritize quality content over keyword optimization. Google consider videos, pictures, and infographics to be more likely to contain information relevant to a user’s search. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words!”

Outdated Website? Not an Option

As we approach 2016, there is no excuse for an old website. Consider the effort a business owner puts into the appearance of his business at its location. The same effort should be allocated to the appearance of its website – after all, a business’s website is what people see after conducting an online search, and if you are looking to attract customers online, it has to look good!


2016 is likely to see brands getting more personal with their clients. With the eruption of social media sites, there are a vast number of platforms that allow brands to engage with their customers to a greater extent. The world of digital media continually seeks to deliver internet users with information that they deem relevant to them. Therefore the efforts of extracting more and more information from internet users are not set to stop anytime soon.