Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Black Friday Sales

K2 Analytics - Email Marketing Tips for Black Friday

Shoppers are aware that Black Friday deals are only available for a few days.

Thanks to the advanced, modern society we have nowadays, more and more people now prefer online shopping over traditional in-store shopping. This is a great time for businesses to turn into email marketing to boost their sales, especially during the holiday season.


How to Boost Your Black Friday Sales via Email Marketing Tips

Black Friday is infamous for astonishing sales and deals in the market. From gadgets to clothing, to home appliances, and even food– Black Friday offers shoppers with deals they don’t want to miss. Billions of dollars are spent online every Black Friday and the numbers just keep climbing every year. That’s why businesses should take this cue to level up their email marketing and digital marketing strategies. Here are nine email marketing tips to boost your sales.

1. Offer Subscription

Start ahead of time and let your customers know about the upcoming Black Friday season. Get your message out in all forms– email, website, social media, etc. and encourage them to subscribe so they don’t miss out on any exciting deals.

2. Extend Black Friday

You can start your promotions before the actual date to deal with less competition. Inboxes are usually bombarded with promotional emails on Black Friday but sending yours ahead of time secures a prominent presence in your recipient’s inbox.

3. Offer Huge Discounts

This is the main highlight of all these Black Friday hypes– discounts! So make sure you give out exciting discounts that everyone will look forward to.

4. Make Subject Lines Interesting

Competing for the recipients’ attention can be tough when their inboxes are filling up with another bunch of deals and promotions. Readers usually only pick which emails they want to open so pay attention to your subject lines.

5. Make the Emails Mobile-Friendly

Shoppers are usually on the go and use their phones most of the time. So make it quick and easy for them to access your message by making your emails mobile-friendly.

6. Shorten Your Email Load Times

Many customers are impatient and aren’t willing to wait forever for your email to load. The longer your email takes to show up on a screen, the higher the chance of losing your customer.

7. Dry Run Messages Before Sending

Make sure all your images are showing up, and your emails aren’t landing in junk mail or spam as it may hinder your email marketing’s success.

8. Get to the Point

Customers don’t care about the details. They just want to know what’s on sale and how discounted will they get.

9. Emphasize Urgency

Shoppers are aware that deals are only available for a few days. You can offer various promotions each day of the Black Friday weekend or a limited supply of products to create urgency.

Email Can Generate Sales!

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated days of the year by consumers as well as businesses. So make the most of this event by maximizing the use of email marketing. Follow these tips and boost up your sales for this year’s deal-driven day.