Pay Per Click, AdWords, and Everything in between

An online presence is necessary for outbound marketing because it reinforces your brand and what you offer to targeted consumers. K2 Analytics is full-service web marketing firm that helps organizations execute performance driven marketing campaigns.

We dedicate our efforts to improving a customer’s overall experience through a foundational web, mobile, and social platforms. We create awareness, demand, and engagement and incorporate measurable media campaigns and digital strategies.

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Whether your users are searching for services via desktop or mobile phone, 85% of sales are now coming from Google. Listing with large search engines is imperative to every business since potential clients can quickly discover your products and services. Every day that your business is not on the top of the listing is a revenue loss which is why Pay Per Click is what every business owner needs!


Pay Per Click is one of the best ways to gain visitors to your website especially when you need it the most. Still, the practice may run some risks. When you trust someone to manage your advertising campaign, you want to have an expert by your side. Otherwise, you could be throwing away hard earned money down the drain. You want a team in your business to provide you with high-level views for your Pay Per Click ads! Why? Pay Per Click doesn’t come easy.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

In Google, the first three spots found on every search are paid. Many businesses compete to have a place in those three locations because it is the first listings that users see. These organic search results will appear alongside non-paid listings. When a sponsored ad is clicked, that’s when the search engine is paid. To have a successful Pay Per Click ad, you want to produce the most effective keywords for your business.


In many campaigns, the ads are sold in auctions. The higher the bid, the better your chances are to rank number 1. Take note that we’re emphasizing on the word chance. A lot of factors such as quality score can affect your ad. So for example, if you bid $.10 per click, and 100 users clicked on it, you will be charged $10.


Again, Pay Per Click can easily exhaust a business’ threshold if they’re not strategic. Many times, they might find themselves in a bidding war over favorable keywords which makes them spend more than the potential return. In online marketing, we call “ego-based” bidding an interesting lingo where marketers decide that it is imperative to Always Be Number One no matter how much it costs. Because of the demand to stay number one, search engines enforced quality restrictions to many keywords even when they’re infrequently used.

Pay Per Click Strategy

An ad campaign can quickly be exhausted by junk traffic which is why our Pay Per Click specialists carefully strategize according to our client’s budget. We solidly believe in Pay Per Click because when it’s created right, it generates quality traffic. The logic is simple: Create a budget, achieve top listing and many potential clients will walk into your door.


Here at K2 Analytics, our team can help analyze the best keywords to use for your ads campaign to generate potential customers. Just like you, we are a business that strives to produce only the best results!

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