Love Collides with Web Design and SEO in Las Vegas

Lucky Little Wedding Chapel approached us for SEO services and a responsive website, it was love at first sight. Together we walked Lucky Little Wedding Chapel down the aisle and to the top of Google with expert search engine optimization, web design, and social media marketing strategies. Lucky Little Chapel has seen tremendous growth in their business and continues to succeed!

Business Type: Las Vegas Wedding Chapel


Lucky Little Chapel is a Las Vegas wedding venue with a mission to marry love and luck on the Las Vegas Strip. As a local business that serves the wedding venue industry in Las Vegas, there is a lot of competition in the industry. Because of this tight competition, Lucky Little Chapel’s digital marketing strategy needed to be flawless.


Creating a strong online presence for Lucky Little Chapel would require us to get all hands on deck and give Rachel and Henry the website and customer service platform that they needed in order to make a countless happily ever afters come true. We designed a website that would be able to handle information, lead generation, bookings, and integrated customer service messaging features.

Not only did the website need to focus on the user experience in order to improve conversion rates for customers once they were on the site, but we also had to implement technical and content strategies for organic search results in order to compete with wedding venues across the city.

We dedicated serious time and resources to ensure that the Lucky Little Chapel’s online presence was fully search engine optimization. Lucky Little Chapel has consistently appeared on the first page of Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). In all, we set Lucky Little Chapel up with:


Lucky Little Chapel is one of the premier wedding chapels in Las Vegas. As their business has grown and expanded, so has its online presence. As we continue to work with Henry and Rachel, we continue to tweak their website, implementing the latest technical practices to increase loading speeds, improved search engine optimization, and most important – Generate as many Online Bookings as possible.

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