HVAC Company Web Design & SEO Services

Lions Heating & Air was an established HVAC company needing web design, SEO services, web optimization, brand identity marketing, and social media marketing. This was a huge project that took time to properly execute our proposed digital marketing strategy.


Business Type: HVAC Company


K2 Analytics’ challenge was to create a fully optimized website, increase search engine rankings, and maintain the overall brand identity without hurting its existing rankings on search engines. This company already had an existing website that needed a new design. So, our team went to work to determine what was hurting their lead generation.


Step one: create a brand new logo and brand voice for the client.

Step two: build the web design around the new logo and color scheme.

Step three: specialize the content marketing targeting keywords and services from the company.

Step four: optimize the website to increase the speed significantly.

Step five: set up social media accounts and execute content.

Step six: create content targeting all the zip codes and cities they service.


The client saw a huge jump in SEO keyword rankings. With an increase in ranking, it also generated growth in website traffic; which also boosted lead generation. The increase in lead generation also boosted sales for the client. A revamped Google Ads campaign also increased the efficiency of the client’s investment. Helping them increase sales while lowering costs for their advertising spending.

Lastly, the client was pleased when our team delivered a website that was fully optimized for SEO but still kept the character of their original website.

HVAC Company Web Design & SEO Services


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