SEO & Web Design for HVAC Company

Lions Heating & Air was an established HVAC company needing web design, SEO services, web optimization, brand identity marketing, and social media marketing. This was a major project that involved multiple steps to execute our proposed digital marketing strategy properly.

Business Type: HVAC Company


K2 Analytics faced the task of crafting a fully optimized website and boosting the client’s search engine rankings while protecting their brand identity and existing rankings at the same time. Our team worked carefully to analyze the client’s existing website, determining strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in SEO and lead generation.


K2 Analytics initially worked to generate an appealing and iconic logo for the client, as well as a new brand voice to help them stand out from the competition. With that foundation, our team developed a new, user-friendly web design that incorporated the new logo and color scheme.

Next, our team partnered with our SEO strategists to identify and select keywords that best represented the client and their services. By developing dedicated landing pages for each keyphrase, we were able to strengthen the client’s visibility and search engine ranking. We also optimized the client’s website, significantly increasing speed and overall user-friendliness.

Rounding things off, our team established social media accounts for the client, generating and executing content to build on the momentum we’d already created. To fine-tune the client’s reach, we further generated content specifically targeting the zip codes and cities that the client services.


With K2 Analytics’ guidance, the client experienced a major rise in SEO rankings. This increase helped generate growth in both website traffic and lead generation, producing boosted sales numbers for the client. Augmented with a revamped Google Ads campaign, the client was able to increase their sales numbers while lowering costs for their advertising spending at the same time.

Through our team’s hard work, K2 Analytics was able to deliver a streamlined website that was optimized for SEO while keeping the client’s original vision!

HVAC Company Web Design & SEO Services


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